Yarra Valley Yet Again

Honestly, it’s so tough to live in Australia; the weather is constantly great, the food available is so exotic, the wine is so damn good and there are wineries everywhere.


KFC – It’s not what you think

It seems that, each week I live in Australia, I develop a new favourite food. First it was seafood, then sushi and now it’s KFC.

Serenity Tours is Open for Business

A project that my boss’ girlfriend Cherie had been putting her life and soul into, had finally become reality! Cherie had asked me to help her with the marketing side and I jumped at the chance. The company is called Serenity Tours, and it offers hiking experiences, as well as wine tasting around the Yarra…

Moving to Melbourneย 

After three Valium and two glasses of wine I made it to Melbourne; I didn’t remember the flight at all – it was great! The weather change wasn’t the best as it was freezing, rainy and grey when I arrived. I immediately missed the 30 degree heat in Alice! My first stop wasn’t another weird…

Battle of the Cheese Breads

Easter had come and gone, so it was time to get back to work.  Myself and two other co workers went in bright and early to start prepping for a busy week.  Rita, my lovely Brazilian friend, produced a treat halfway through our shift. They are called Pรฃo de Queijo which is literally cheese bread…