Tasmania: Launceston

Our first day in Tassie!


Mum in Melbourne

I hadn’t seen my mum in over 18 months, so I was SUPER excited to see her again.

St Paddy’s ☘️

That time of year had come around again, where the whole world celebrates being Irish – even if they have no relation to the heritage at all.

Labour Day Weekend

It was time for another long weekend, and I made sure that every second was enjoyed!

Yarra Valley Yet Again

Honestly, it’s so tough to live in Australia; the weather is constantly great, the food available is so exotic, the wine is so damn good and there are wineries everywhere.

Gaols, Gold & Good Times

Do you know what one of my favourite things to do is? Go on a road trip! And living in the gorgeous Australia provides a great journey, no matter where you are. I assembled what was left of my friends; Gustav, Veera and Filip, and rented a car. We were supposed to leave very early…

Find Happiness in Every Day

I was back into my weekday routine and was starting to feel a bit down; you know how it goes – starting back at work after the festive period, getting used to being in the office 9am till 5pm and it being so cold and dark outside… Wait a second!! I live in Melbourne and…

Organic vs Mass Produce

Spending time with the farmers and Ellie (the cool Aussie lady I mentioned earlier) I’ve been able to learn about the difference between a mass produce farm and an organic one, the latter of which I’m working on. Here’s a few points: Pesticides  Mass Produce – have very high chemical poisons to kill off any…

Getting used to the Farm Life

I had been on the farm for a week now and I couldn’t believe how at home I felt. The bugs, the dirt and the unpredictable weather did not annoy me at all. Who am I??  I eventually moved into my wee caravan and spent the night making it all cosy: Even that shocked me,…