The Magic of Melbourne

This was one of the best weekends I have had since moving to Melbourne.


Chicken Salt Chips

If you’ve ever been to Australia you will have definitely tried chicken salt chips, and if you haven’t – you have missed out!!!  Occasionally, if we’ve done really well, the wee babe Ellie will treat us to $10 worth of chips.  We had worked especially hard this week; it was a second pick, so not…

Farmer Lucy Has Arrived!

After a long 20 hour bus journey, I had finally arrived in Gympie!  It’s a cute wee old mining town filled with pubs for the locals and the ever so handy Coles.  The female owner of the farm greeted me at the bus stop and we went to join her husband in a pizza place….

Fusion Foods

What do Mexican and Asian cuisines have in common? They both shared a bowl to become my lunch the other day.  I was hungry and I hadn’t done a food shop so I looked through my fridge and cupboards and decided to merge two cuisines!  Here’s my recipe: 1 tbsp homemade guacamole (red onion, tomato,…