The Magic of Melbourne

This was one of the best weekends I have had since moving to Melbourne.


Sydney – Part 3

My last day in Sydney was spent in the seafood heaven that is Sydney Fish Market

Goodbye to the Swiss 

The time had come around again, friends you make whilst travelling leave. This time it was my lovely Swiss ladies Lea and Michelle. The girls were originally meant to leave Oz and fly to Bali but the erupting volcano had other plans… so they ended up staying in Melbourne for an extra week and we…

Farewell Trip to Hervey Bay 

So the time had come when our wee group had time to part ways… Lucy and Connor were the first to leave us; wee had a final love island session in the tv room and had a tearful/sleepy goodbye at 5am the next day. They’re now in Sydney, living it up in the city with…

My last day in Sydney 

The final day had come before I left for farm work. I met my wee Tash for our final brunch, this time we went to Ruby’s Diner in Waverley.  Tash had a bun less beef burger with pickles and salad. She enjoyed it but it wasn’t very filling. I had poached eggs on sourdough with…