Autumn in Melbs 🍁

Here’s what I ate, and the activities I did inbetween eating, over the last weekend.


Rediscovering Melbourne

Having my mum come over was so so so amazing; I could show her my world and she could show me her past.

St Paddy’s ☘️

That time of year had come around again, where the whole world celebrates being Irish – even if they have no relation to the heritage at all.

Labour Day Weekend

It was time for another long weekend, and I made sure that every second was enjoyed!


It was one of the most eventful Friday’s I’ve had in a while!

Sydney – Part 1

I was itching for a wee getaway, and when I was invited for a Camp America reunion in Sydney; I jumped at the chance!

One More Christmas Party!

I know it’s now January 2018, but there’s still time for another Christmas party! My boss and I started back at work on the 3rd and decided that a team lunch should take place to ease us into the New Year. We invited Kerry along too, she works for immigration and shares the same office…

Another Day, Another Christmas Party

I love the festive period! Everyday you are surrounding by great company, spirits are high and there is ALWAYS delicious food on offer. The celebration in this blog’s entry was a house party in Melbourne’s CBD. Who was the host you say? This gets complicated so get ready; I met Lea from my trip to…

Date Night

Summer was in full swing which meant every night was sunny and warm.  I saw this as a perfect opportunity to go out for dinner with Jamie. We went to United Kitchen, along Fitzroy street, which was a tapas restaurant.  We started the evening with espresso martinis, and they were fantastic! I ordered avocado mixed…