Local Produce, Yes Please!

On the way to the supermarket, I took a short cut and was greeted with a sign that said ‘Farmers Market Today’, and of course I was going. 



It was one of the most eventful Friday’s I’ve had in a while!

Yarra Valley Yet Again

Honestly, it’s so tough to live in Australia; the weather is constantly great, the food available is so exotic, the wine is so damn good and there are wineries everywhere.

KFC – It’s not what you think

It seems that, each week I live in Australia, I develop a new favourite food. First it was seafood, then sushi and now it’s KFC.

A Very Vegan Brunch

It was another warm AF day in St Kilda so we planned on heading to the beach, however we had to get some food first. Today’s choice the vegan brunch spot; Matcha Mylkbar.

Gaols, Gold & Good Times

Do you know what one of my favourite things to do is? Go on a road trip! And living in the gorgeous Australia provides a great journey, no matter where you are. I assembled what was left of my friends; Gustav, Veera and Filip, and rented a car. We were supposed to leave very early…

A 42 Degree Day

If anyone ever tells you ‘don’t move to Melbourne, it’s cold and rains all the time’ do not, I repeat DO NOT believe them!! The weather is inconsistent yes, but it most definitely was not cold this day… Rumours had spread across town that the weekend would bring a heatwave, and my ignorant British self…

An Unforgettable Road Trip

So it was that weird period of time again; Christmas was over and you’re just waiting around for New Year. What’s the best thing to do? Go on a road trip of course!

Melbourne Markets

This weekend was a special one, all because my lovely Rita (a colleague from Poke) came to visit me!! It had been far too long and I couldn’t wait to catch up with my favourite Brazilian!! We first caught up on Friday, she told me all about Poke and what happened after I left. She…

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s I’ll See You Soon

The dreaded last day on the farm was looming over me and I was trying my best to not think about it.  We finished picking a couple of days before I was meant to leave; it was very bittersweet. I kinda didn’t want to stop picking, now that I had gotten good at it!  We…

Strawberry Picking on our Lunch Break 🍓

Today was a bit of a disaster; we were all woken up at 6.30am by a very bashful Ellie; she may had forgotten to tell us we were picking, so instead we got drunk and stayed up so late the night before.  The whole group were rough AF and exhausted, PLUS the beans were absolutely…