May The Fourth Be With You…

I absolutely LOVE a theme, especially when there’s food and drink involved.


Rediscovering Melbourne

Having my mum come over was so so so amazing; I could show her my world and she could show me her past.

Mum in Melbourne

I hadn’t seen my mum in over 18 months, so I was SUPER excited to see her again.

KFC – It’s not what you think

It seems that, each week I live in Australia, I develop a new favourite food. First it was seafood, then sushi and now it’s KFC.

Happy New Year

Hogmanay had arrived once again, 2017 was a fantastic year for me; I had the best experience of my life working on the farm, I travelled up to Uluru, I met the most amazing friends and I started working in my dream job as a Marketing Manager. New Years Eve was a more relaxed event…

Melbourne Markets

This weekend was a special one, all because my lovely Rita (a colleague from Poke) came to visit me!! It had been far too long and I couldn’t wait to catch up with my favourite Brazilian!! We first caught up on Friday, she told me all about Poke and what happened after I left. She…

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s I’ll See You Soon

The dreaded last day on the farm was looming over me and I was trying my best to not think about it.  We finished picking a couple of days before I was meant to leave; it was very bittersweet. I kinda didn’t want to stop picking, now that I had gotten good at it!  We…

Farewell Trip to Hervey BayΒ 

So the time had come when our wee group had time to part ways… Lucy and Connor were the first to leave us; wee had a final love island session in the tv room and had a tearful/sleepy goodbye at 5am the next day. They’re now in Sydney, living it up in the city with…