About Me

You’ve obviously clicked on this section because you want to know more about who is behind Love Food With Lucy and I’m so happy to see you care! Or you’re just wanting a stalk. Or even worse, you clicked this by accident – then I’m super embarrassed and my ego has shrunk back down to what it should be…

Ah well, either way you’re here! So let me summarise why I’ve created this blog; I know in this day and age, you only keep attention for a few minutes so time here is precious.

Let’s begin….

I was born in England and lived in a lovely cul de sac with my parents and a slightly odd rescue staffy. I had a wonderful childhood; my friends and I played outside, we skuffed our knees a lot and hadn’t heard of ‘followers’ or ‘likes’. It was great. Unfortunately, during the end of primary school my parents decided to split and I moved to Scotland with my mum.  My dad stayed in England and I’d spend my school holidays with him.

It wasn’t the best period of my life and it got a whole lot worse when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I lost my best friend and had a tough time dealing with it all. As I grew up, I decided to live life to the full and make my dad proud; I worked hard in school, I found a great group of supportive friends, I graduated from uni with a degree in Events Management and I travelled the world whenever the opportunity arose.

When I was 22, I settled in a graduate job in the finance industry and worked there for two years; I loved being a young professional and learned so much. However, my desire to travel was still burning inside so, during a spontaneous trip to England, I booked a one way flight to Australia.

I lived in Sydney for my first six months and this is where my blog was born! Here are the reasons why I decided to join the #bloggingcommunity :

  1. Everyone and anyone was doing it, so why couldn’t I?
  2. I wanted to document my time here in Oz, and having a diary is so 2010
  3. I absolutely LOVE food (hence the name) – and my friends cannot understand why I enjoy ‘out there foods’ such as: sea-urchin, cactus and my signature – spaghetti with black eggs.
  4. I enjoy learning new things, so throw a new recipe/ingredient/cuisine my way and I’ll be there with open arms.

The next place I called ‘home’ was a small town called Gympie (hysterical name, I know); where I spent three months doing my farmwork. It was the best time of my life and I’m not even exaggerating.

Now I’m in Melbourne! It’s a very foodie city so I feel totally at home and no one judges me when I stand on my chair at a restaurant to take the perfect insta shot, in fact they usually join…

I’m absolutely loving life right now and that’s what I want to share through my blogs. Don’t get me wrong it’s been REALLY tough at points but who wants to dwell on the negative stuff? Not me!!

Read. Enjoy. Laugh. Learn.

Much love!




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