Leaving Melbourne

My two years spent in this amazing country was up and there was no way I would be leaving without a celebration or two.

This post is all about my goodbyes in the gorgeous city of Melbourne that I was lucky enough to call home.

I’d lived in this amazing city for over a year so there was no way I would just have one leaving do.

The first was a cheeky one; you see my fantastic work space had opened another building which meant another launch party, so I seized the opportunity to gather all my favourite Melbourne people to party the night away.

And everything was free.

It was an amazing night however I got absolutely smashed on the free espresso martinis and red bull vodkas that I started a fight with someone because he decided to punch down the gorgeous ice sculpture.

You can take the girl out of Glasgow but not the Glasgow out of the girl…

All in all though, I bloody loved that night. My job, WeWork, the people around me and the nightlife I had experienced was something I thought you’d only see in the movies.

Next up was my leaving dinner; I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to eat at a fancy restaurant!

We chose a place called Cookie that was along Swanston Street and it sold a Thai fusion banquet.

Here are all my nearest and dearest:

The food was insane!! We had: pad Thai, fried lotus root, coconut chicken betel leaves, chicken wings and so, so much more.

There was so much, the whole group couldn’t finish it and we weren’t allowed to take doggy bags, so we felt terrible wasting such good food. Although grace did try to smuggle some in her own fashion:

I loved that night so much.

The third leaving excursion was a midweek day off with Cherie; she advertised it to me as a walk around the You Yangs so I was not prepared to do a 9km hike up a mountain!

However, we powered through and made it up the mountain, with plenty of gossiping on the way:

I’d asked if we could go for one last wine tasting since we were winies, and we managed to locate one along the Bellarine Peninsula.

It was almost closing time but we managed to squeeze in a tasting, then we went to Cherie’s friend’s place to watch the Bachelor.

It was a great Aussie day.

My final day at work arrived and it was surreal that I was leaving. I still don’t think I have.

I worked away and took in the amazing WeWork surroundings (the free beer) for the last time.

Naing came in to visit, so we popped some bubbles with Sam, Fran and Bora. The ladies even starting singing ‘if you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of meeee’ which made me well up.

Then it was off to a dinner party at Bora and Kane’s, with Naing of course.

The four of us are massive foodies so I knew it would be a delicious night.

Kane is a professionally trained chef so he was in charge of the kitchen. Bora kept our glasses filled with the most gorgeous wine.

We started off with a cheeseboard:

I brought along delise cheese or Denise as Naing and I pronounce it. Bora added some truffle salami to the mix too. It was the best start to a meal!

For the second course, I requested that Kane make scotch eggs because I hadn’t had them in so long and he did not disappoint:

Look at that funny yolk; cue the Homer Simpson drool.

We were all pretty full after the first two courses so decided to put off the final course until later. Between that time we drank more, set up the dinner table outside, got the Japanese grill going and talked conspiracies.

Kane then served up the best bbq treats:

We drank, chatted and laughed more.

Here we are:

We all got pretty smashed and ended up getting out the record player for a dance/sing song.

It got to 3am and I had to call it a night. But boy was it amazing!

The final day in Melbourne arrived and it was time to get everything sorted to go.

First item on the itinerary was making avo toast for the last time:

After that delicious meal, I got my nails done and then came back to clean my room. I took in the sights of St Kilda one last time:

My boss, Grant, then came by to help me move out (and make sure I wasn’t scammed of my bond).

I said goodbye to my life in St Kilda with my Israeli flatmate.

We arrived at Grant’s place and waited for Cherie to get home. They told me previously that they had plans that night so I was ready for a night of tv binging, however their plans had changed and Cherie had planned a whole three course meal!

I should really leave more often, I get fed so well!

The starter was oysters Kilpatrick:

They were the perfect balance of salty and tangy, I loved them.

Then we had the juiciest steak, topped with mushrooms, corn on the cob and garlic mash:

Oh dear god it was to die for.

And to finish it all off we had banoffee pie, which was just gorgeous.

It was such a lovely surprise. I appreciate the two of them so much for everything they have done for me.

Then it was off to bed, since I had to be up at 5am for my flight up to Queensland.

I said my goodbyes to Melbourne in the uber to the airport but the final, most unexpected was with Fran:

We were both flying at the same time so obviously had some bubbles together.

Melbourne is a wonderful city. The food, the culture, the coffee, the nightlife and the people made it home for me.

The past year living in St Kilda was the best, obviously I had my down times and struggles but who doesn’t?!

Now onto my final week in Aus, back up in Queensland!


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