The Good Food Show & Hello Fresh Review

My last post covered the final day in Bali and that was two months ago…

It’s not like I haven’t had anything to post, I’ve just been so lazy that all the content is now overflowing. So, I’m going to break down everything I’ve been doing in manageable chunks.

Without further adieu, here is the start of what I’ve been doing and, most importantly, eating over the last couple of months.

Two days after arriving back in chilly Melbourne, Cherie organised a Sunday Funday trip to The Good Food and Wine Show in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. I had worked at the UK version, The BBC Good food Show, during uni so was so pumped for this trip!

We watched live demonstrations, ate A LOT of free samples and stumbled across the wine section…

The marketing team of this event nailed that tactic because it loosened up all our inhibitions, enabling us to sign up to Hello Fresh; a subscription box that sends you raw ingredients and handy recipe cards.

It was an amazing day, with fantastic company and got me over the Bali blues.

A week passed and my first Hello Fresh box arrived; not going to lie it was exciting receiving and unboxing a package full of food. Is this what being an adult is?

I glanced at the recipes but decided to do my own thing with the ingredients.

Brunch that day was pan fried chorizo and caramelized onions on toast with a fried egg and topped with some fresh thyme:

Dinner time then came around and I decided to make lamb kebabs. I mixed lamb mince with parsley, garlic and breadcrumbs, formed them into balls and fried them in a pan. Once cooked, they were placed within a toasted pitta that had fresh veggies on top and drizzled with a mint yogurt.

I loved everything about Hello Fresh; the to-your-door delivery, the simple recipes, the perfectly portioned ingredients and the range of dishes to make but, because I’m absolutely shocking with money, I can’t justify spending $70 a week on their service.

Such a shame.

It was fun to try out though, so if you are wanting to give it a go; I’d highly recommend it!


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