Ramen on Monday, Korean Stew on Tuesday, we were Eating Steak Tartare on Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. We had Brunch on Sunday.

If you didn’t appreciate that Craig David reference, we can’t be friends.

So, as the title suggests, I had week long foodie adventure but the days don’t actually align with the song…


Bora, Kane, Naing and I decided to warm ourselves up one night with some quality ramen. Hanging out with these three is amazing, they’re total foodies and always have the best recommendations. So, to fix the midweek blues, we headed to Hakata Gensuke which provided the first Tori (or chicken) Ramen in Melbourne. We were all sat in front of the kitchen, so we could see everything getting plated up, it made us all so excited to try out the dishes.

I ordered black sesame ramen with steamed chicken, bamboo shoots, egg, black fungus & seaweed.

Naing and I couldn’t resist some karaage chicken, so we got that on the side.

The food was plated so quick, which was great because we were absolutely ravenous. The staff were friendly and the entire place had a wonderful atmosphere. It definitely made the week feel less of a drag.


Naing invited me out to dinner again and based on the deliciousness of Tuesday, I couldn’t resist. This time we were meeting up with Naing’s friend Faith and going for Korean. We chose a new restaurant called Darac Grill and Bar.

It was absolutely freezing that night and we ordered the perfect dish to warm our bones. It’s called army stew, due to the fact that it is given to soldiers serving in the army across Asia and it has SO MUCH in it. I’ll need to pass this over to the UK as it was so damn good.

We went for the sausage stew:

I’ll try and name some items in this gluttonous meal:

  • Cheese
  • Kimchi
  • Rice cakes
  • Macaroni
  • Spam
  • Thinly sliced pork
  • Tofu

And it was all finished with a spicy broth.

We also ordered some savoury seafood pancakes:

It was an absolute FEAST but it was so damn good. All the flavours complimented each other and it warmed us up perfectly.


Our WeWork group decided to change up the scenery this Friday night, so we headed to our new Collins Street office for some beers.

Time passed and we all became extremely peckish, lucky for us The Natural History Bar and Grill was directly underneath the office.

We packed up, headed downstairs and ordered straight away. We decided to split into ‘teams’ and order some sharing plates; Kane, Bora and Naing were one team and Grant, Fran and I were in the other. At the start of the night we had ordered separate items on the menu but we each got food envy so ended up ordering the exact same dishes.

I only took a photo of one dish because the food was so damn good, we couldn’t wait. Here we have Beef Tartare with a soy cured egg, smoked oyster, tendon crisps:

We also ordered:

401 Charcuterie with deli meats & pickles


Chicken Liver Parfait with cornichons, brioche & spiced orange

Hands down the best parfait I’ve ever had. The meal was delicious and the staff were incredibly friendly, go there right now.

The whole group thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we go visit…


Grant and I had already had a foodie adventure on Friday but we decided once in a week was not enough! So, another bike ride was arranged and it was the perfect day for it.

We started in St Kilda once again and I got my rent-a-bike:

Look how nice it was!

The route was different this time; we cycled into the city and passed through all the suburbs.

We stopped for a coffee midway in the cutest wee cafe in Port Melbourne and chatted to all the locals.

Then it was time to get back cycling and brace ourselves for the city crowds.

We made it!

And we were so hungry after the journey.

Brunch was calling us, so we walked along the Southbank promenade to find a place to eat. Ludlow Bar and Dining Room was the worthy winner and of course I had to go for some avo toast:

I was also a bit tender from the night before, so had to get a bloody Mary:

(I also ordered some mac and cheese balls because I was a bit more than ‘tender’)

The meal was perfect and just what was needed for a biking day. Grant and I sat in the sun and chatted about anything and everything.

Time flew, so we had to cycle back at a faster pace – which took some getting used to! I gave my bike back to the community and we calculated how far we’d travelled. Only bloody 18km!! I was so proud!

We stopped for one more coffee and parted ways. I just love our bike riding days, they make me so happy.

My foodie week was fantastic! I spent it with great people, ate delicious dishes and had so much fun.

Melbourne really is the foodie capital of the world.


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