Uluwatu: Our Toughest Day

Jumping straight in from the night before, I woke up first and went out for breakfast. Veera and I hadn’t spoke yet and I felt terrible about it. Then the bloody guy from the night before, who was not attractive by the way, came over and organise a day date. I quickly ran away, for the second time from him and went back to our room.

I packed my stuff and we checked out; not much was exchanged between the two of us. Veera then got breakfast, once that was finished we got on our bikes and headed back into town. The breakfast at the hostel wasn’t the best so we went to a café on the beach for some better coffee.

We still weren’t talking, and it was absolutely killing me. So, I went for a dip in the sea to give myself a pep talk on how to start the conversation. After that refreshing swim in the gorgeous surroundings, I came to the realisation that we were on holiday in a stunning place and that we’re good friends, so I needed to sort this situation ASAP.

I came back to the table, very nervous I’ll tell you, and asked if we could chat about everything. Veera the babe, opened straight away and said, ‘thank god, I didn’t know how to start’. We talked for a while and heard from each other’s point of view, which changed the whole situation completely. Basically, it was a huge miscommunication and me being extremely drunk only made the situation worse. So, I apologised profusely and promised I wouldn’t break girl code again.

We made up, and boy was I relieved. I really didn’t want this to impact our friendship or the rest of the holiday.

Communication is literally key to everything; if you have a problem TALK ABOUT IT.

I promise you, things will only get better.

After all that, we sat back and took in the gorgeous views, oh and I got a coconut too:

It was our last few hours on the island, so I made the most of it and went for a long swim in the sea.

Then it was time to give our bikes back, which was sad because they were so handy. We walked back up to our hostel and took in the wee alleyways, that were compromised of traditional Balinese kitchens as well as your tourist shops.

We waited in our hostel to get picked up by the horse and carriage, while waiting I took a few shots of the ‘standards’:

We hopped in our chariot and headed to the docks.

The boat took a while to come but eventually it did and we all boarded. I was sad to leave the islands; life is just so chilled out there.

The boat was the same as on the way there, so I thought we would have no problems getting home.

Oh, how wrong I was…

Everything my friends warned me about came to be true. It was the worst boat journey I’ve ever been on! Poor Veera was terrified, and I tried to stay strong but it was so hard. The water was so choppy that the boat would go into the air before crashing down hard on the waves. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE SICK.

Nevertheless, we survived – only just. Then the next drama arose, our boat was delayed by an hour to dock, so we were all twiddling our thumbs. It was getting to the point where we were all hungry but there was no food available, apart from pringles. Some rude young backpackers thought they were entitled to free pringles, so just helped themselves and Veera was fuming. Not going to lie, I was just about to do the same but seeing Veera annoyed at these entitled girls made me stop in my tracks. Its fine, karma will get them.

It was finally time to dock; we weren’t even off the boat yet and we were being harassed by taxi drivers. We’d just been travelling on a death boat for 3 hours and now we’ve got taxi drivers shoving cards into our faces, while following us. I got so wound up that I shouted at one, and I never raise my voice.

Then there was this massive confusion between the shuttle service taking us to our location; some were saying it would take up to 4 hours. So, I had people trying to get us in the shuttle, taxi drivers harassing me and a Russian couple asking if we’d share a taxi with them. I was wedged between two buses and if this was a cartoon, my head would have exploded. Veera suggested we go with the Russians, so I agreed, and we were assured that we would pay a set price to the address shown.

The Russians got out at their hotel and our driver continued taking us to Uluwatu. However, at one point he went on the phone and I knew it was about us. He then proceeded to hand me the phone and I knew what was coming. His ‘boss’ said we were going further than we asked and demanded more money, just what we needed. He was asking for us to pay $25 each instead of $10, I know that doesn’t sound like much but in Rupias, that is a HUGE amount of money. Veera tried to help the situation by saying that she had video footage of him confirming the price, but he didn’t listen. So, I bartered it down for us to pay $15 each and he hung up. The driver asked how much we would have to pay so I let him know the new figure; the thing was though, I wasn’t 100% sure that he agreed on that price. I’m pretty convinced he wanted more…

The rest of the ride home was awkward; the driver didn’t know where we were staying, and Veera said she’ll report the company on Trip Advisor. She swiftly stopped when she realised how vulnerable we were right then and the driver also asking if we had husbands. Veera nudged me to go along with her, so we talked about our ‘other halves’ and how we’d been on a mini break without them. We went into a lot of detail.

We finally got dropped off at our final Air BnB in Uluwatu and we were STARVING. The host was so kind and checked us in, however his English wasn’t the best. So, when we said we needed to be taken to a restaurant area, things proved to be difficult. Veera spent 20 minutes describing a main strip to him but still wasn’t getting it, so instead we settled for a restaurant with a supermarket next to it.

There was no time to shower, do hair or make up – we just wanted to eat after that stressful day. We arrived at the restaurant and to be fair, it was gorgeous! Veera had steamed vegetables with rice, which she absolutely loved, and I had a spicy prawn curry.

Even though we had a stressful day, the meal was delicious and restored all our bars. If you’re a simmer, you’ll get that reference.

We toasted to our last night in Bali and reflected over our travels. Then we got some more seaweed, diet cokes and Bintangs for a midnight snack.

We didn’t stay awake for very long, as that long day had taken everything out of us.


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