Kuta: Our Last Day

It was our last day in Bali and I’ll tell you, I wasn’t ready to come back to cold Melbourne.

We thought we’d have a lie in on our last morning but oh no… A cockerel woke us up at 8am on the dot. We were not happy at all.

Veera chilled in bed and I got up to sit by the pool. My god, the Air BnB we stayed in was gorgeous!

The wee huts were built by hand from local materials, and it was all on the land of a Balinese family. I loved how innovative they were and so welcoming of strangers.

I started to fall asleep by the pool but guess who decided to wake me up AGAIN.

Honestly, he made me want KFC.

Speaking of food, the Air BnB didn’t serve breakfast; we were so spoiled from the other places, we expected it everywhere we went. So, we packed up and stealthily got a Grab, which the locals cottoned on to at the very last second and headed back to Kuta.

The first thing we did was get me some Nasi Goreng:

This one was spicy, and it had satay with it too, so I was happy again. Then we went to our favourite supermarket for free samples, seaweed and souvenirs.

Veera said it was too hot for her outside, so she stayed in the mall and I headed to the beach.

I spent the last few hours in Bali drinking coconuts and Bintangs on the beach.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The sun then started to set, and it got much cooler, so Veera came to join. We were then serenaded by our new Balinese boyfriends and watched the sun go down.

It was then time to head to the airport. We had to cuddle every Balinese guy in the vicinity, which was weird but also quite funny and we got our last Grab. We were pros by this point so there were no dramas.

We got to the airport, went through the numerous security checks and had just under an hour to ourselves before we boarded. I’m popping Valium with an oversized Bintang and Veera was desperately searching for hot water for her noodles. It was crazy.

I didn’t feel as relaxed as I should, so I made a deal with Veera; I could source some wine, if I got her some gum (Fins love gum I came to find out). I shook on that deal and ran to find some gum; I was pretty high by this point so bought her a range of flavours in the hopes she’d like one. Task one was completed so I could then get me some wine. I downed a large glass of chardonnay and took in my last lot of Balinese hospitality. I was then ready to fly.

The flight was great, due to me sleeping the whole way home, and we landed in Melbourne in one piece. We got back to my place and crashed.

This holiday was jam packed; it had its highs and its lows, but I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world.

Bali you were an absolute pleasure. I hope I’ll return someday.


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