Gili T: Scuba Diving, Bike Rides & Joss Shots

A new day began in Gili T and that meant one thing; I was going scuba diving!! Excited was an understatement.

The last time I went diving was in the Great Barrier Reef and it was so touristy, it took away from the whole experience. I was SO ready to get back in that water.

I’m still not PADI certified, yet, so it was just an introductory dive. However, I did do some skills in the pool before we went out. My instructor was also called Lucy, so I knew we’d be friends, she taught me breathing skills, how to use the BCD and clearing my mask. She said I was a natural, so my head grew a little bigger that morning.

After that exercise it was time to head into the water; we got changed into our wetsuits (which I usually struggle with due to my big bum but had no problems with at all) and walked from their shop, onto the beach, onto the boat – which was called Lucille, another great sign.

The boat ride only took 10 minutes to the dive site and the views were stunning!! I couldn’t bring my phone, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. The biggest hurdle for me was getting into the water, this was because we were going in backwards and I had never done that before. However, I pumped myself up and it was an absolute breeze!

We swam in the gorgeous blue water for 40 minutes and I saw so much; turtles, lobsters, rays, puffer fish, barracudas and eels. I love scuba diving so much.

There was one point where I kept floating to the top, so the instructors had to pull me down. As we continued, I realised that swimming down would also bring me down, good one Lucy, that took a while!

The sea floor wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be and that’s because fishermen in the past used to use dynamite to fish, which obviously destroyed everything. However, they are now trying to rectify this by placing structures in the water, that have electric currents running through them so that coral was encouraged to grow there at a faster rate.

I had an absolute ball and cannot wait to get certified.

Once my dive was complete, I went to get some Wi-Fi in a local café to see what Veera was up to. I may have found some avo toast while I waited too:

Veera got in contact, so I went back to our room and we headed back out together. We took a walk up the left side of the island this time, to see what else there was to discover.

There was a public shelter where you could view baby turtles in pools and they were so tiny!!!

It was so adorable.

They locals said that they looked after these babies until they were big enough, and then they’d release them back into the sea.

I went for a swim in the sea after that because it was so damn hot:

Veera chilled in the shade. We both started falling asleep, so Veera got us both up before we passed out in the heat.

We had a few hours to kill, so decided to rent bikes and it was the best decision we made! No more overpriced horse and carriages. We cycled around the whole island in 40 minutes, and honestly, I was so happy the entire time. The views, the temperature and the company were all just perfect.

The bikes also gave us a new-found freedom, so we decided to head back to the pink bar for some more cocktails. Veera also went on another horse ride, which I didn’t join for obvious reasons…

We then cycled back to our hostel and got ready to go out out!

Here we are taking a cheeky selfie at dinner:

We sat and talked at dinner for hours, we got into a deep conversation about ghosts and hauntings, that we didn’t realise the time. We left dinner at 10pm and headed to the most famous bar on the strip; Jungle Bar.

You see, it was Ramadan, so all the bars and clubs closed at 11pm, to show respect. However, this factor made that hour go from 0 to 100 in an hour.

We went into the club and began dancing, we attracted a couple of guys because we are babes of course. One bought me a shot and it was called a Joss shot, where it was pure vodka mixed with caffeine powder, melon flavoured. It wasn’t drugs mum, don’t worry I checked. However, this sent me over the edge and I was steaming.

Next thing I know the club was closing but I wasn’t ready to go home. Veera then said we were going home to the guys, which drunk Lucy didn’t realise was a trick to get rid of them, so I disagreed. Basically, one thing led to another and Veera headed home alone, while I stayed out.

I got back to the room after ditching the weird guys, who Veera was right about all along, and wanted to catch up. What I didn’t realise was that I severely upset Veera. I didn’t follow girl code and allowed my friend to walk home alone in the dodgy back streets of Gili T.

Drunk Lucy was not the best person to fix this situation, so Veera said we’d talk about it the next day. Not going to lie, I felt terrible.

That night wasn’t the best ending to an otherwise spectacular day.

But don’t you worry, I was going to fix it!


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