Gili T: More Swings, Sunsets & Horse Rides

It was time to leave the chilled-out atmosphere in Nusa Lembongan and head to Gili T!

The journey was eventful, to say the least.

Our first hurdle was getting to the harbour, we were picked up in a wee truck again and decided to sit on the back to take in the sights. It was a fast, bumpy, scary ride but I did still manage to take some snaps of what we saw on the way:

We arrived at the harbour and got off the roller-coaster ride, instead of truck, to safety.

Check in went smoothly and we didn’t wait long before boarding a small boat. This got me worried because all my friends told me that we need to get a big ferry to Gili T, since it was the safest way. I didn’t show my fear to Veera though, since she was going through her own battle with this boat.

It was a gorgeous day and the trip was surprisingly smooth:

The boat then pulled up to a much bigger boat, and I was so relieved. We boarded the bigger boat and got comfy for our trip to Gili T. Veera started off listening music, while I had a Bintang on the deck with the staff:

We then joined back up to watch Jumanji, it was a great trip! Nothing like what I was told it would be.

A couple of hours later, we arrived at Gili T and were greeted by more blue sea and white sands.

Since it was a small island, there weren’t any cars or scooters – instead they had bicycles and horse and carriages. We obviously got the latter because it was so cute.

We checked into our hostel; My Mates Place – upgraded to a private room and received a free beer. Starting off right! After we got changed and freshened up, we headed down the wee alleyways to the main strip.

We needed some fuel so went to a beach café for some grub. Veera had a diet coke and an ice lolly, while I had some more Nasi Goreng and a coconut:

When in Bali

After we were fed, we went for a wander around the streets and took in this new island. I passed a diving centre and couldn’t resist, so popped in for a chat and ended up booking a morning dive the next day…

The sun was starting to set so I begged Veera if we could go to ‘the swing’ where everyone gets that photo on Instagram. I’m a sheep, I know. However, what we didn’t realise was how far away it was. We attempted to walk but after 20 minutes we weren’t close at all. Veera, bless her, kept offering alternative swings for me to go on but I was adamant on the specific one.

We ended up getting a very overpriced horse and carriage to THE swing and I was in stress mode. The sun was setting fast, there were unpredictable clouds and there were these girls HOGGING THE SWING. So, myself and these Irish girls basically told them to hurry up and they quickly got off. There were five us of by this point and I’ve never seen girls pose for photos and take so many shots in such a short space of time.

It bloody worked though, look at this shot:

After that, I was happy. My adrenaline could finally go back down.

It was then Veera spotted some horses (remember she loves animals) and gushed at them. She suggested we go for a sunset ride along the beach and of course I said yes, even though I’m not the biggest fan of horses…

Veera looked like a strong warrior heading to battle, while I looked VERY uncomfortable and awkward. I could tell my horse didn’t like me.

However, it was a stunning walk – the sky was a gorgeous coral colour, it was warm but with a gentle sea breeze.

I was beginning to relax and trust my horse, when the owners though it would be a good idea to put the two of them together. This was so Veera and I could get a closer photo together.  However, thing escalated quickly from then; one of the men encouraged Veera to stand on her horse, so she started to get into position; then the horses began to freak out, so she sat back down. Her horse calmed down but mine was having none of it. He started to kick and flail about; I was terrified. I then got thrown off.

Oh, and everyone sitting having a cocktail on the beach saw.

Veera was off with her own calm horse and turned around to see me standing in the water. She was so confused. I was then encouraged to get back on, because sometimes a saying is literal. I was trembling, I really didn’t want to get back on, but I knew I had to. Another issue was getting up on the horse without a step but thankfully the horse was only small. I got back on, shaking the whole way back but was very proud of myself.

Once I calmed my nerves, I realised how funny the situation was and how it always happens to me. It was then at this point where Veera, me and the two horse owners burst out laughing. It was hilarious and the perfect way to end that activity.

After those events, I begged for an alcoholic beverage to calm me down. Veera obliged, and we went to Pink Coco; a bar on the beach that was all pink. A couple of long islands went down a treat and I was back to normal. Veera was so happy that she got to ride a horse, since she hadn’t done it in years and I loved seeing her big smile.

We were starving by this point so headed to dinner. Veera had a salad that she was somewhat please with and I had Mahi Mahi with salsa.

My meal also came with free roam of the buffet table, so I stocked up on treats for Veera. It was delicious and so fresh!

I made friends with another Balinese man, with whom he called himself Banana, and he was giving me ALL the pick-up lines. Honestly, I hope no one falls for them.

We then decided to go home and have an early night because it was a long day; and we were falling asleep at dinner.

We passed all the party animals, listened to the prayers of the local mosque (it was Ramadan) and fell fast asleep.


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