My Birthday in Bali

The next series of blog posts will cover my AMAZING trip to Bali.

First off, you have to get a cheeky selfie on the flight:

Now, let’s start with day one (and the night we arrived):

Despite Veera almost losing her phone in the airport and me being high as a kite on Valium; we made it against all odds to Denpasar.

UPDATE: So I have to make a swift u-turn and get back to my Valium adventures (as Veera put it) because there were a few things I missed about our journey…

So, I was obviously very relaxed but didn’t realise how relaxed I was… Here’s a bit more content based on Veera’s POV, because I didn’t remember this at all.

It all started whilst boarding the plane, I literally bumped into a guy and dropped my pills. It was then we bonded. He questioned if I was on Valium and I nodded, whilst noticing how chilled he was too. It was an instant friendship. Him and his friends then told me they had duty free booze, so I said I’d have to find them once we were in the air.

Veera and I got to our seats and apparently I wasn’t done with my new friends; I then proceeded to start a virtual conversation on the seat TV’s while also shouting down the plane to them. We had big plans for that journey, however as Veera witnessed – we all just passed out. 

I never saw them again. I hope they are well. 

Now back to the story…

The warm, humid air smacked us right in the face as soon as we got off the plane and boy were we happy to feel some heat again! We may both be from cold countries but winter in Melbourne isn’t fun.

The first thing we were greeted by was a sea of men shouting ‘taxi’, it was very overwhelming. They even followed us into the newsagent, I mean c’mon! Luckily my air bnb arranged a car for us, so we located the personal sign for ‘Lucy’ and headed out of the madness.

Little did we know that that wouldn’t be the end of our taxi stories…

We checked into our air bnb and were amazed at the gorgeous accommodation, all for $20 a night!! It was so late, so we just chilled on the balcony for a bit and then went straight to bed.

One of my favourite things when you’re on holiday is when you wake up on the first day; you’re all confused as to where you are and when you remember – you jump up with excitement and start exploring your new surroundings.

I woke up super early because it was my birthday and couldn’t contain my excitement! I went to the balcony, took in the absolutely gorgeous view and opened cards from my family:

I felt so loved!

A lady that worked at the hotel then passed and put down an offering to their ancestors (which I didn’t know at the time):


After she left, I was confused because I could see food in the wee banana leaf – so I thought that maybe we’ve to eat it. I’m so uncultured. However, I sensibly thought that because it was on the floor then maybe it wasn’t for us…

I was starving by this point, so softly spoke to Veera and asked if she wanted breakfast but sleep was her priority. I headed over solo to try my first ever authentic Nasi Goreng! If you’re an avid follower of LFWL, you’ll remember Katherine and I made this on our East Coast Road Trip.

Here it is:

I knew what to expect but it tasted so much better than I thought! It really did set you up for the day too.

After breakfast and it being my b-day, I decided to splurge a whole $10 on a full body massage. I love foreign exchange. It was the perfect wee treat to myself.

Veera awoke from her slumber and joined me by the pool.


We chilled there for a bit and had some coffee but our desire to explore got us going very quickly.

Our hotel arranged a taxi for us to take us to a temple in Kuta, where we were staying, however the language barrier lead us to be taken to a completely different temple, that was quite far away. Veera then made the decision to get the driver to turn around and take us to Seminyak, since we didn’t care about a temple that much.

Once dropped in Seminyak, we headed to what ALL my friends told me about; Potato Head Beach Club. It was one of the weirdest routes into a bar we’ve been through, but we made it! Veera was a wee babe and bought me a cocktail and we headed to the infinity pool to enjoy the view.


After the drink was finished and we couldn’t get a bed, we headed to our first beach of the trip.


It was an amazing club but a wee bit too expensive for our budget.

We then decided to explore Seminyak and do some souvenir shopping. Oh boy, big mistake. We were treated like princesses and had jewellery, bags, keyrings all forced onto us. The two of us caved and bought an elephant statue, that was SO overpriced. We did also buy some Balinese clothing so not all was bad.

The two of us headed back to our hotel after that eventful afternoon. We showered and got ready to what we thought would be our only meal out – saving money and all, y’know.

Here is the most awkward photo of us at dinner ever:

I started the meal with some bitterballen; which are Dutch croquettes – weird to get in Bali I know but I’m obsessed with them.

I then had satay for the main meal:

There wasn’t a lot of meat on the skewers, but the rice made up for that. It was a simple but tasty meal and set me up for the night.

After dinner we headed into Seminyak or Kuta, we weren’t sure, for some drinks. Veera was brilliant, she doesn’t drink so all the happy hour 2 for 1s went straight to me. She still needed a wee sip though, to get the experience.

We went to a bar that served Shisha pipes and played rnb music; I was in my element.

Veera and I made music requests and she had to fight for her choices because they were too indie for that bar.

After that I got a bit too drunk, to where the room is spinning, and I knew if we went home then I’d spew. So the best answer to that is, dance it off! Luckily, there was a club right opposite our bar, so we wandered over to get our boogie on.

THE CLUB WAS SO COOL! It had a pond inside it, complete with a bridge and a garden. The music was great too and I successfully danced off my drunkenness. The night was great apart from a rude woman trying fight me because ‘I was in her way’, however I’m not like that so just ignored her and kept dancing.

It hit 4am and I could see Veera was shattered, so we decided to leave. It wasn’t home time just yet though; we went to Circle K (a convenience store) and reveled at all the new snacks on offer. Honestly, we spent half an hour in there, so amazed at all the seaweed flavoured things.


We grabbed many items and headed back to our room, I loved all the treats and Veera was 50/50.

It hit 5am and was time to go to sleep, so we were ready for the next day’s adventures.

My 26th birthday was exceptional; last year was on the farm and this year in Bali. I have a feeling that 27 won’t be as good…


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