Autumn in Melbs 🍁

From Friday to Sunday, the good food just kept on coming! Here’s what I ate, and the activities I did inbetween eating, over the last weekend.


Guess who came in for us again, my office building of course!! WeWork decided to honour three things in one; The Biggest Morning Tea, Mother’s Day and Cancer Council.

The first two go hand in hand, so we had all sorts of nibbles served to us in the morning. Treats included: scones, pastries, quiche (is that the plural too?) and sausage rolls. I may have gone food crazy and took a lot of photos:

It was a lovely little treat to round off the week and we all donated to the Cancer Council, so my good deed was done for the day.

Work then carried on as usual and then it was time for Friday drinksssssssss

Fran and I started drinking prosecco in the office but eventually did head out to meet the rest of the posse. It was nice socialising with new and old connections.

Naing’s friends then came to join and we all headed to a bar called Workshop for drinks. We bumped into Grace, a member of our very exclusive, high-class lunch club, so obviously had to get some pics…

We drank on the rooftop, chatted and I snuck away to eat a pizza; I was drunk okay!

The group then started to dwindle so the remainders headed to a club near Elizabeth Street that was underground, it was so cool.

It was RnB night, and as a proud I WAS READY!

After a few espresso martinis, I was not off that dance floor. Naing and I were dancing away, attracting strange men, and I was rapping to every song. Screw your ‘deep house’, RnB is where it is at.

We called it a night at 3am; had a KFC, somehow acquired a random friend and all got Ubers home.

Great night.


Literally all day was spent recovering from last night’s events because I’m old now and can’t handle my drink as much as I used to.

However, I did manage to make some amazing lunch:

Garlic mushrooms with blue cheese & kale, on grilled sourdough and drizzled with truffle oil. Yum!

Then it was back to bed for me…


What a day!!

It was supposed to just be meeting up with Cherie for breakfast but it turned into a whole day of fun.

The first stop we made was at Fitzrovia, a restaurant along Fitzroy Street. The sun was out so we sat outdoors and took in the rays.

I was still feeling quite rough so I decided a bloody Mary would be the best medicine. Oh boy was it good:

Then it was time for the food, I went for a buttery bagel with poached eggs, smoked salmon, pickled beetroot & orange salad, red sorrel & a chive hollandaise. β €β €

Cherie had polenta crusted gemfish fish fingers w chorizo, corn fritters, avo smash, poached eggs & a prosecco hollandaise.

Oh my goodness it was sooooo good.

I absolutely love brunch in Australia; it’s substantial, well balanced and so damn tasty.

Here’s some more pics of us, happy as Larry:

After breakfast we decided to walk it off around St Kilda’s botanical gardens, however we talked so much we ended up in Elwood! So, we basically doubled our journey but boy was it pretty:

It’s autumn here in Melbourne and it’s absolutely gorgeous; combine the deeps browns and reds with a bright blue sky – is just so picturesque.

We eventually made it to the botanical gardens, with the help of Google Maps, and found even more beautiful sights:

I’m obsessed with palm trees.

Fun fact: they paid $10k for each palm tree to be brought to St Kilda.

The more you know…

Cherie then spotted a play park and showed off her monkey bar skills:

This brought back all my fantastic childhood memories of being chubby and not being able to do anything cool like her.

The day wasn’t over after our walk, oh no, instead we went to Riva for some vino. We hadn’t had sun in Melbourne for a couple of days, so it felt like being back in Scotland – we all wanted to make the most of the sun.

So we sat out on the deck, overlooking the beach and tried their wine list:

It was absolutely gorgeous.

Cherie and I talked about so much; it was great learning new things about one another.

The weather eventually did catch up to us and it got absolutely freezing. So we moved inside and shortly after headed back to Cherie’s place for an Indian, kindly pre-ordered by Grant.

Cherie was steaming, it was brilliant. It was so nice to see her let loose.

We finished the night watching Delta Goodrem relive Olivia Newton John’s life.

It was such a perfect Aussie ending.

I love writing about these weekends and I know nothing major or crazy happens, but these simple things are what I want to look back and remember.


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