What a Brewtiful Day!

We were up at 6.30am; which should be a crime on the weekends, but we had a purpose…

Peter, Veera’s host dad, had built a coffee shop inside the back of his ute (truck, if you’re not from Australia) so he can serve up some caffeinated goodness anywhere. He named the business Coffee Ute and managed to get a spot at a vintage car show, located at the Keilor hotel.

He had done a few smaller events previously, but this was the biggest by far. Peter, Veera and I were ready and raring to go.

The gates opened, and all types of cars began coming in; the proud owners showed off their pride and joy, spectators oooh’d and aaah’d at the retro treasures and customers started buying our coffee! One woman loved it so much, she had 6 cups; I’m not even exaggerating.

The word must have gotten out that we were serving up roasted, caffeinated goodness because we got smashed!! Luckily, we were organised; Veera took orders, I restocked/made the espressos/kept the production line organised and Peter put it all together to create the final, dazzling product.

We got a bit too busy during the rush, which lead to orders becoming confused and customer wait times increasing. I was very stressed, but Veera was a ray of sunshine and she managed to calm me down. Nevertheless, we got through that stump and sold coffee right up until the event finished. We even had a lot of returning customers, which was so nice to see.

After all the madness died down; we discussed the pinch points of the day and how we would overcome them for future events. New strategies have now been created to help with busy spells and staying organised in them. Coffee Ute has so much passion behind it, that Peter will do anything to make sure customers receive the best coffee and service possible.

Peter’s wife Julia and their two wee girls came for a visit, so it was a right family affair.

Here’s some shots from the day:

Peter was ecstatic with the result and we were happy that he was happy. You see, Peter usually works in construction, but his passion is coffee; he loves making it, sourcing it and learning about it. So that’s where the idea for Coffee Ute came about; he built it he branded it, he stocked it and he marketed it. Talk about one-man band!

I obviously picked his brains about the food & drink elements, and it was so great to learn about where he sourced all his products. The coffee beans were from a company called Profile who are locally situated in Footscray. Profile sourced the beans, Peter had specifically chosen for Coffee Ute, from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. Profile works directly with the farmers to ensure ethical trading takes place and they also believe in full transparency.

Great shout Peter!

These beans really made the coffee stand out, I may sound bias but the deep, chocolate aromas were really hard to resist.

Peter also had all kinds of milk on offer too because it’s 2018 and we all consume differently now. So, we had: full cream, skim, almond and soy on offer, but no lactose-free which has been added to the list for the next event.

The cups were even fabulous! They were very Melbourne. They each had artwork printed on them from an array of artists with all sorts of styles, including indigenous artists that painted traditional imagery from their Countries.

The coffee was great, the team were amazing, the customers loved us, and the owner of Coffee Ute was an inspiration!

If you want to follow your passion in life, then the only person that can make it happen is YOU.


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