May The Fourth Be With You…

This was originally going to be a post detailing my whole weekend, but I feel Sunday deserves its own separate place to shine. So, here’s a run through of Friday and Saturday’s events:

Friday May the fourth be with you

It was Star Wars day and we celebrated in style; my work (honestly absolute legends) put on another event. This time it was all themed around, you guessed it; the best Sci-Fi movie franchise.

They decorated the common area, had the famous films running in the background and we even made lightsabres.

Here’s a very sober Naing and I with our creations:

There was even themed food and drink:

  • Yoda Soda – a midouri based cocktail
  • Padawan popcorn
  • Jabba the Hummus
  • Hut Dogs

I did not photograph any of this because the attendees of the event were like vultures, and all the treats was devoured in seconds.

Naing and I then settled with a group and drank waaay too many yoda sodas. The sugar gave us a real buzz and the alcohol did something too…

We craved more food and decided to meet Veera etc. for some Korean Fried Chicken. There was a ton of us trying to fit into this tiny restaurant, so Naing decided to take some initiative and sort the seating situation out.

Eventually, there were seats for us and we began drooling at the menu items. First up we ordered some Soju; which is like an Asian vodka. It was plum flavoured, very strong and, considering; was surprisingly easy to shot.

They only came in wee bottles which totally threw me off guard as I thought they would have the same alcohol content as a beer; I’m so glad Naing was there to educate me.

Next up was spicy stir-fried pork belly with veggies and rice; which was packed FULL of flavour and was eaten immediately.

And finally, the star of the show; KFC. Honestly, I’m obsessed, all these years I’ve settled for Kentucky Fried Chicken, not knowing about the beauty of Korean cuisine. Making up for it now though!

Naing and I were sharing the food, so we had a 1kg of chicken – half original and the other half garlic & soy. It was good chicken, not the best I’ve ever had but it hit the spot. I couldn’t even finish it all so Naing stepped in to help.


Oh, and I forgot the best part! The chicken came with pickled daikon which refreshed your palette after the greasy chicken was consumed.

We were all truly stuffed after that dinner and decided that we should head out. So we went back to Jamie & Dillon’s place for a wee party, then headed to a club called Flamingo. Naing left midway between this point because he was over it. However, some sort of drama had occurred before we arrived which meant that we couldn’t get in. I wasn’t fussed though because my bed was calling to me.


Most of my day was spent suffering from the self-inflicted hangover BUT I did manage to do some housework, which I was very proud of.

I thank my uber eats delivery of avo toast with poached eggs for that miracle.

Then I got ready to meet wee Veera again in the city. We had a girl’s night planned, which I was very much looking forward to.

I took in the Melbourne skyline while I waited for Veera to arrive and I felt so happy to live in such a great city:

It was nice not looking at my phone for once and just taking in the sights around me. Well, that was until a ton of tourists moved me on…

Veera then arrived, and we headed into the Crown casino; honestly, it’s just like Vegas. First up was food, I went for the old Chinese classic of crispy pork belly and crispy duck with veggies and rice. Veera went for a Nando’s salad which made me feel very bad about myself.

Then we headed to the cinema to watch a Quiet Place and it was an experience to say the least. Most of the film was, you guessed it, in silence. So, any noise made completely messed with your senses. And I was even paranoid making noise whilst having a sip of my drink; so clever. The film itself followed a standard plotline for apocalyptic times; humanity is dying out due to something and the remaining survivors must adapt to this new world, BUT SOMETHING ALWAYS GOES WRONG.

Nevertheless, it was a fun film to watch and a great addition to our girly Saturday. We then made plans to get on the train, but Veera had to get some carrots from Coles (she thinks she’s a rabbit) and when we were leaving, I convinced her to go in the Asian supermarket opposite.

Well we had the best fun ever in there.

Veera loved the packaging and how many items were Pokémon branded. I loved the unusual food, so much so that I bought; chilli oil, crab crisps, seafood corn rolls, seaweed and a Japanese soda.

The two of us then headed to Sunshine, which is where Veera stays with her host family. We snacked on our Asian treats, watched YouTube videos and headed to bed. It was like an old school sleepover, it was so nice.

I drifted off to sleep mid-conversation because we had a big day the next day…


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