Korean BBQ

My Friday started off as usual; drinking the free beer provided by my amazing office and chatting away to all the fabulous people it contained.

However, due to my ‘nice’ nature I tend to attract some creepy men apparently.Β And boy, do these creepy men love to make an appearance every Friday; once I’ve had a few. This Friday was no exception, and one appeared right on time. Luckily there was a large group of us so I could talk to others. However, this plan backfired, when Mr Creep made two of our friends leave, due to how uncomfortable they felt.

Naing and I made contact with the fugatives and found out that they were just about to eat in a Korean BBQ place, in Chinatown. I obviously jumped at the chance for this dinner so had to quickly devise a plan to leave, without having anyone strange following us (I don’t want to use the word creep again, trying to write good English here).

Naing came up with the genius idea to say that it was a ‘girls night’ even though he is clearly male, but we took that and ran with it anyway.

We made it out without any cling-ons and headed to Bornga.

We met Naing’s friends and headed in to the restaurant. It was crazy busy and had a really exciting vibe to it. I had no idea what was going on so I let Naing and his friends, who are all from Singapore, choose our dishes for the night.

The first thing we went for was a rice wine from Kooksoondang; I had never tried rice wine before but was pleasantly surprised.

It was creamy and smooth but still had the distinct flavour of white wine.

Then it was time to order food and we went for:

Samgyeopsal aka pork

Woo Samgyeop aka beef

Haemul Pa Jeon aka seafood pancake

Once we ordered the staff came over and place an array of REFILLABLE treats onto our table, including: egg mayo, kimchi, sauces, herbs and lettuce.

They then started the fire going in the middle of the table and I was so excited! I love dinner and a show…

The rest of the group then started to cook the raw meat, absolutely perfectly by the way,Β  and directed me how to eat it. I’d never realised how white I was until now. So basically you get the meat, rap it in a lettuce leaf, add some herbs and drizzle on a sauce. Then you eat it all in one, mouth-watering bite. YUM.

It was such a tasty meal and was so fun to experience. There were all these new flavours, techniques and customs to get used to and I absolutely loved learning something new.

Korean BBQ is highly recommended!


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