Gone Camping

It was time for another adventure and this time we had planned to go camping in the Grampians.

Veera, Jamie, Dillion and I met up early one Saturday morning (Veera even told me a fake earlier time so I wouldn’t be late, she’s a literal genius) to collect our rental car. We packed it full of our camping equipment and headed on the road.

The first stop was in Ballarat, to stock up on food and booze. I swear never take Veera and I into a Coles because we will spend hours there; and this time was no exception. We had so much fun going down each aisle, filling the trolley as we went. Veera even did squats in the middle of the supermarket to show off how flexible she was. The heavens decided to open when we were shopping so we HAD to stay in Coles longer…

I think that’s why we ended up spending $170 for one night and one morning’s worth of food.Β 

We eventually left Coles and headed back to the car; a minor panic may have followed when Jamie thought he locked the keys in the car. Thank god they were in his pocket instead!

So, after two hours, we finally made our way to the Grampians. Here we are:

The weather was very temperamental the whole drive, which didn’t fill me with hope. You see, I like camping and outdoorsy stuff, provided it’s not too hot or too cold or too wet.


When we arrived at the campsite the heavens opened AGAIN and that would be us for the rest of the weekend.

That didn’t dampen our spirits though! So we started pitching the tent and planning our day. After getting soaked, having the tent collapse multiple times, the rain cover lying away twice; we had the tent up! It only took a few hours.

We had planned to go hiking after the tent was up, however since it took so long we went for a wee walk instead. There was a small path that went into the forest and had the Grampians surround it.

It was a lovely walk and was so nice to be back in nature. Veera and I then started singing Tarzan songs because it was tradition and successfully cringed out the boys. As we headed back to the campsite, we went for a play in the park and we all felt like kids again. Although, the slides were terrifying!! We even had some kangaroos come visit us while we played:

Dinner was next on the schedule and we had bought a ton of meat to prepare, so I took the role of chef (because I couldn’t really contribute with anything else to do with camping). We had kangaroo burgers, spicy sausages and steak seasoned with garlic and chilli. I precooked them on a grill and we finished them off on the fire:

Veera had tofu dogs which looked like poo on a stick – they tasted good though! Dinner was a lot more effort than we thought but we got there!

Next up was drinking by the fire and the boys had the best drink combo; rum, tea and honey – D E L I C I O U S!! It was so good that we ran out very quickly, so Jamie decided to run 30 mins to the local bottle shop to get more. Mad. He made it safely back from his adventure but the strenuous exercise after already drinking did not go down well with him so we decided to get cosy in the tent. We played a few games and then went to bed.

Now I know camping doesn’t provide the best night’s sleep but this was something else.

The wind had picked up A LOT during the night, it was chucking it down and we didn’t bring any sleeping mats or pillows. We all woke up around 7am and had found out that none of us could get comfy all night so no one had a sound sleep.


To add to the camping fun, the winds got even worse! So much so that the tent broke in so many places that it collapsed in on itself – when we were still inside!

We just laughed at this point, considering last weekend it was 30 degrees and sunny.

After realising we had to eventually deal with it, we started packing up in the horizontal rain. Fun.

I kid you not, it took over 6 attempts to try and roll up the broken tent; with each try we slowly started to lose our sanity.

Halfway through this ordeal, a double rainbow did appear so that was a nice little distraction.

Thank god for Veera and Jamie because they eventually managed to sort the tent – while I just handed out crisps to everyone.

Packing up took longer than expected, shock, so we enjoyed some brunch on the campsite instead of breakfast. Jamie made us fried spam with spicy ramen; a traditional (not healthy) brekkie from his travels across Asia. It was so damn good. We devoured the food, stocked up on coffee and packed up the car.

Our final stop of the trip was to a viewpoint up the Grampians, which we had to drive up because it was too unsafe to hike. Remember I said how the weather was terrible? Well this was our view:

Poor Veera has never seen the beauty of what Australian mountains has to offer. Luckily I had been before so I had seen the gorgeous view. I’ll put it in just to show perspective:

It was safe to say, the trip was horrendous but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. It was so nice to be outdoors and spend time with friends. We all lifted each other up when spirits were low and laughed a lot.

See Australia does get bad weather!


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