Backpacking Isn’t Always Fun…

I was quite upset after mum headed back home, so good ole Connor and Lucy stepped in to help. They would soon regret that decision though…

We met up at the Queen Victoria Markets to do some food shopping; they bought some bargain meat and I found avos for a dollar each, so I bought five. The pair then invited me over to their place in Kew for dinner, to which I happily agreed to.

Lucy and Connor had not spoken highly of the place, but I went in with a positive attitude.


The apartment smelt like urine and was also covered in it. You see, a lady who also lived there had two wee dogs and because she worked long hours, they were left in the house all day and peed everywhere because they were clearly desperate to go out. They also acted very strange and were terrified of me; having rescued three staffies, I knew this was a sign of abuse. The dogs also had the longest nails which showed they were never taken on walks AND they begged us for food. So, being an animal lover and EXTREMELY passionate about dog abuse, I couldn’t contain myself. I told the two that they needed to call the RSPCA and get help for these dogs. They agreed with me and said how unhappy they were in this apartment; what we didn’t know though, was that there was an Irish girl (also living there) who heard everything. She came out to make some food and agreed with us about the dogs, but there was something off about her. She then left, and we had dinner; I said my goodbyes and we ended the night at 9pm.

The next day, poor wee Lucy got shouted at by the owner of the dogs saying how dare I accuse her of abuse; I have no idea about the dogs. I’m sorry but abuse is abuse. She then continued to shout at Lucy to say that they weren’t allowed guests over. I’m sorry, what? So, I told them to pack up and get out of that horrendous place ASAP.

Oh, and they also had rats.

I then began frantically calling around to see if I could find a place for the two of them, but luckily they found a cheap hotel. I felt terrible for causing this drama. Things then started to look up because they managed to find a cheap hotel to stay in for a few nights. I made sure the two of them were settled and that they had got their bond back. Then I contacted the RSPCA and voiced my concern, so it’s with them now. I’m not sure if I’ll hear back so just hoping that those two wee dogs are okay.

I was due to head into town that day to meet up with Veera and some new friends: Jamie (a Canadian) and Dillon (an Aussie), because we were collecting camping supplies for next weekend. So, I told Lucy and Connor to join and relax with normal people for a bit. We all met up down the docklands and after an interesting 45-minute story from Jamie; we went to Munich Brauhaus for beer and food. I went for a cheese kransky sausage with sauerkraut, potato salad and mustard.

It was soooooo good and went perfectly with the beer I ordered. We drank some more during happy hour and then headed out. Half the group went ice skating whereas Connor, Lucy and I went to the casino. You see, Connor loves a gamble and The Crown was so much of a temptation that I took him in.

The first thing we did was hit the food court; Connor and Lucy got a MASSIVE sausage roll and I had a couple bits of fried chicken. It was a cheat day ok… Then we got some cash out and swaggered onto the betting floor.

Connor tried his hand at many tables but didn’t win much, in fact lost most. I on the other hand, tried my luck at roulette and managed to make a $45 profit! Lucy tried betting but never won, bless. It was a great end to the night and Connor thoroughly enjoyed himself, even though he didn’t win anything.

Monday came around, so I was back to work; Connor and Lucy tried to find jobs but Melbourne wasn’t showing them much hospitality. After a think through, they decided to move back to Sydney, which I was gutted about but makes sense for them.

I wanted to make their last night special, so I invited them to my work for some beers on the rooftop and they got to meet Naing and others. Then I bought them a KFC family bucket (because I was supposed to cook them dinner) and we all struggled to finish it, which was shocking. Mostly for Connor. After that, we headed to St Kilda to see the penguins!

It’s funny, a few months ago I was the tourist and now I’m showing folk around!

I was quite worried we’d miss them because we arrived after 9pm, however it was perfect timing because there were hardly any humans/tourists there and instead, a TON of wee penguins. Lucy fell in love immediately.

We walked around the rocks for a while, gushed at the cuteness of the penguins and even saw some mating action!

After that, we sat near the beach and sipped on some wine and beer. We talked about our plans for the near future and what we’ve experienced so far.

It was then time to say goodnight and goodbye. I gave them a cuddle, but I didn’t get too sad because I knew I’d see them again soon.

I just can’t believe that I got my friends kicked out of their apartment!

See, backpacking isn’t always insta worthy pictures and ‘finding yourself’.


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