Rediscovering Melbourne

We arrived safe back in Melbourne and the first thing we did was sleep! It was an unforgettable five days but boy were we tired.

Sunday 31st March

After we had fully recovered it time to show mum around St Kilda. I had a session in the gym in the morning and we had planned to meet at the beach after I was done. I couldn’t find mum when I came out, however I did spot a woman photographing dogs and obviously, that was her.

The first stop of the day was to Matcha Mylkbar, the vegan place I had taken Filip and Gustav. Mum is really passionate about animal right, so I thought she’s love it! Unfortunately she didn’t quite get the use of the unusual ingredients and wasn’t impressed. I however, loved it, and had to get a beetroot latte (mum got a ‘normal’ one as she put it):

We were still pretty tired from Tassie, so went back to my flat to chill. Mum got restless so went for a walk around St Kilda whilst I had a nap. Then we headed down to the pier to see the penguins. I was worried that there wouldn’t be any since we’d left it quite late, however there were more than ever! And all the crowds had died down:

Mum loved seeing the wee penguins come up to their beds. She even made pals with the volunteers there! We then came home to get an early night, but my flatmate decided to bring a Tinder date home…

Sunday 1st April

The next day was Easter Sunday and we had planned on going to the beach, but the weather wasn’t the best. So instead we were going into the city to meet my friends for a coffee, but before that I HAD to get mum to try some avo toast:

Gustav and Filip had come back from their farmwork; Lucy and Connor had moved to Melbourne and Veera wasn’t working that day, so we all went to Father’s Office. The coffee turned into beer and an hour catch up turned into all day. I got pretty smashed but I was absolutely loving sitting on a balcony in the sun, with all my friends from travelling and my mum!!

However, a text from my flatmate ruined that moment; he stated he was having a party but it wouldn’t be on for too long. In that moment I decided to book an air bnb; you see mum wanted to save money and stay at mine but I could see how uncomfortable she felt there – plus my flatmate not being very accommodating wasn’t the nicest.

After the air bnb was booked, we said goodbye to the group whilst Lucy, Connor, Mum and I went for a walk to Mum’s old hospital in Carlton. She was telling us stories of her travels and the nights where she’d get drunk with rich businessmen. We even passed a brothel that was still around and Connor decided to give them a call ‘just to check’; they were indeed still operating as a brothel and they would see him soon

Mum and I said our goodbyes to Lucy and Connor and headed back to the party zone. You could hear the music from the street. We made our way in and headed straight for the bedroom.

Mum then said she’ll never complain about the volume of my music again.

Monday 2nd April

The next morning we packed up and headed to our new pad in the city! It was right across from Southern Cross Station and was a massive high rise, based on Japanese architecture.

We didn’t have much of the day left after our move, so I took mum to Hosier Lane to see the street art:

We then went into all the gallerias and may have bought some half price Easter chocolate from Haighs:

After doing well over our 10k steps that day, I took mum to Pho24 for dinner. I had barramundi Pho with chicken spring rolls and mum had prawn noodles. We devoured the delicious Vietnamese cuisine and sipped on an ice cold beer:


Once again, were pretty tired, so we settled into our new wee apartment and were so happy. We had a cuppa and watched The Handmaid’s Tale before bed.

Tuesday 3rd April

The next day was a tough one for me. My dad passed away on this date and each year I commemorate him. It had been 10 years since he passed, so mum really wanted to do something special. I had a wee cry in the shower and was then ready to go.

Mum wanted to go to the Mornington Peninsula but she wanted to save money, so we got a train to Frankston and then a bus to Rosebud. It was the cutest mode of transport, it was unbelievably quiet and so easy to do. We took in the sites as we drove by the sea and went straight to the beach.

First thing we did was investigate the weird jellybean shaped things on the beach:

They turned out to be egg sacks from a slightly poisonous sand snail, so we swiftly dropped them.

Mum then got changed into her swimsuit and went into the sea. Ah the Scottish! It was too cold for me but I did join her for a paddle.

There was no one else on the beach, it was just so calming and such a great way to remember my dad.

Mum and I then snacked on a posh picnic composed of blue cheese rolls and macadamia nuts, when a very excited bulldog puppy came up to say hello. I love dogs!

We then hopped on the bus and headed home.

Wednesday 4th April

The next day we were up and raring to go because it was time for the Neighbours Tour!! Mum has watched this show from the beginning and she even named me after a character. So we headed to the tour office and were greeted to a room filled with ‘Maureens’ literally, all the women looked like my mum. It was hilarious.

We hopped on the bus and chatted away about Neighbours, until we got to the street. It’s much smaller than you’d think, nevertheless it was still Ramsay Street!

Here we are:

Fun fact: Mum and I had visited the same street in 1999 so we decided to recreate the picture we took almost 20 years later:

The tour guide then took us to the set and we managed to see the Erinsborough sign, Grease Monkeys, The School, The Antique Store and Fitzgerald Motors.

The tour was almost over but the biggest surprise of the day was who, out of the cast memebers, we were going to meet…

It was Libby!! Aka Kym Valentine.

Here we are with her:

Mum and I turned into mega fan girls, and I told Kym how much of a fan mum was. Kym then asked the groups if we had any questions; mum decided to bring up the sad period where Libby’s husband Drew died, to which made Kym tear up!! Kym then continued to give us behind the scenes gossip, she was so great.

The tour finished and mum was so happy. Bless. We were near Tokyo Maki so I took mum there for lunch, there we each had a bento box. I love showing mum all these new cuisines!

After lunch, we took in some culture and went to the NGV. They had an exhibition on centered around the Indigenous Culture and how it was impacted when the Westerners colonized Australia.

It was a very touching and tasteful way to handle such a tricky subject.

The day wasn’t over yet, so we headed to the Queen Victoria Markets for a nosey.

I was still full from lunch but couldn’t resist homemade four cheese gnocchi that was stirred in an actual cheese wheel and some sangria.

Thursday 5th April

The next day mum arranged to meet a friend, called Diane, with whom she travelled over here with 30 years ago but Diane decided to stay. We went to the Rooftop Bar at Transit Bar in Federation Square and the views were amazing:

Lunchtime came around and I ordered homemade pasta with chilli, shiitake mushrooms and chicken in a pork broth:

It was delicious!! But the portion size wasn’t the best considering the price. After lunch we headed to Chloe’s bar, which was a little controversial because it had a naked painting of a seemingly underage girl hanging up. I of course ordered an espresso martini:

The two of them gossiped and laughed the whole night; it was so lovely to see.

Mum and I then headed back to our sweet pad in the city and decided to use the amenities that night. We got lost several times but eventually found the pool and had the place to ourselves:

It was such a great way to finish the night.

Friday 6th April

This was mum’s last full day, so we made it special and headed to the Dandenongs. I kind of remembered this place from when I was a kid so we HAD to take a ride on the Puffing Billy to refresh my memory.

Mum wasn’t so keen at the start because of how high the ticket prices were, so we only bought a single. As we got on the train, my memories came back and mum loved being in the rain forest. We got off in a wee town called Emerald, stopped for a turmeric latte and headed back to Belgrave by bus. It was so easy to get back and cost a fraction of the price Puffing Billy was charging. The savers strike again!!

We still had some time before heading home so we hopped on another bus and went to Fertree Gully. There wasn’t much to do but wander around another cute wee town.

We then headed back to Mebourne on the train; came across some bogans and made friends with a wee old lady.

The day wasn’t over! We recharged for a second and went straight back out to South Melbourne this time, so we could visit Lee (my cousin in law, who let me stay with him when I first got here).

We had a few bevvies and caught up; we then went back to his so mum could have a nosey at a Melbourne home. It was then time to say goodbye, so mum hopped on a tram and made our way back to the city. We were starving by that point so opted for a Hungry Jacks. We munched down on our burger and fries as we finished off The Handmaid’s Tale. It was a perfect last night.

Saturday 7th April

Mum’s last few hours in Melbourne came around; two weeks have never gone by so quickly!!

The morning was spent checking out of our apartment, not before exploring more of it though:

We then scoured the whole of the city for some avo toast and it was so hard to find!! Luckily a wee cafe down an alley saved us, so mum had her last Aussie brekkie:

A trip down to the Yarra Valley was last on the itinerary and the warm weather had finally made a return!

Mum took in the last sights of her beloved Melbourne, and more importantly the non snowy weather.

It was then time to head to the airport, somewhere mum had been four times over the last two weeks, but it was a sad occasion this time.

I tried to hold myself together but as soon as I saw the door she’s have to walk through for security checks, I lost it. I really didn’t want her to go. I honestly thought we would be arguing the whole time and we’d want our own space, but it was the exact opposite. We spent two solid weeks with one another and it was amazing.

I cried my eyes out as I said goodbye to her, and then quickly ran to a toilet to let it all out.

Having my mum come over was so so so amazing; I could show her my world and she could show me her past.


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  1. Zoe Gordon says:

    Fantastic memories for you both! You certainly squeezed everything in! X


    1. We didn’t half!! It was such a wonderful experience 🙂 x


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