We Love You Tassie!

Our final day of our mini holiday arrived and mum and I were so sad to leave. Our flight wasn’t till 11pm so we still had a whole day to take in.

First item on the agenda was Mount Wellington! I drove up the steep roads as mum clung on for dear life, and we made it to the top. We did not realise how bloody cold it would be though!! Mum read that it’s 10 degrees less up there, and it felt way more than that. The layers were put back on and we braved the weather.

It was a clear day so you could see the whole of Hobart; it was breathtaking. Here’s some pics we took (note how cold we look):

After that fun, we headed back down the mountain and searched for what to do next. Mum suggested going to the casino called the Wrest Point because she used to hang there when she was younger; so I popped that in my maps and drove to where it told me to go. Google maps had been so good to us the entire trip but it decided to have a laugh on the last day, by taking us to the University of Tasmania which had a orienteering event on – so we couldn’t get out! Mum and I freaked out, so mum got out to speak to a volunteer; this went even worse because she thought we were taking part in this event AND she thought that mum had gone to this uni back in the day. So we decided to park the car there and sheepishly run away to the casino. Only us.

We found the casino:

It was quite the big deal back in the day, because it was Australia’s first casino back in the 70s. However, today it looked a bit naff, and was where all the pensioners went for their lunch.

So we swiftly left and headed back to our car. We hid behind some trees to see how other cars got out and noted the route. We quickly got out of there before we were found out to be frauds and blew a sigh of relief.

Our next stop was back at the docks in Hobart, where I was hoping to find a boat trip for us. Luck was in! We went on a large ship that gave us a tour of Hobart.

It was a gorgeous day and such a nice way to see the entire place. We’d seen it from the very top level and now from the sea.

After saying goodbye to our new pal, the Captain, we said our goodbyes to Hobart and headed for the airport.

We were over six hours too early so I found a wee beach for us to explore; called Seven Mile Beach.

Mum and I loved it; we discussed how lovely all of Tasmania was and how Scotland just needed nice weather. After the beach, we then took a wander around the houses next to the beach; choosing which one we’d own once more. We definitely didn’t want to leave.

That extra trip took an hour out of the wait, so we just had five hours till our flight…

We had nothing else to do, so dropped off our car – who became our best friend during the trip – and went through to our gate. Mum and I were the only passengers in the entire airport, not even kidding. It was soooo quiet but it was so nice.

We sat down and had some carbonara, which my mum adored! So I’m glad she finally had some good Italian in Oz. We then wandered around the shops and made more friends with the employees. One lady was telling us about the exporting problem and how Hobart is mainly a place for retired millionaires, so there’s not many young people around. After that insightful conversation, it was time for me to pop some Valium and get on the wine. Mum was cringing as I slowly became more sleepy, but she got me on the flight.

We unwillingly said goodbye to Tasmania; we definitely have a soft spot for this place now.

It was such a calm, simple and wonderful holiday. I loved spending time with my mum and exploring new things together.


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