Tasmania: Bicheno

We woke up fully rested and were ready to go on another adventure!

First stop though was brekkie, obviously. Launceston was still as quiet and quaint as ever but we did manage to find a breakfast place. Mum had pancakes and I had eggs royale, purely because it had Tassie salmon:

Once we received our fill, we headed down the coast toward Bicheno. I had Google maps on this time so the car journey was a lot less stressful.

The first stop was to the historic town, Evandale. Note: my mum loves all things country, arty and historical, so we won’t be doing any crazy pub crawls or the equivalent on this trip. It was another quiet wee town, that seemed like no one lived there. Mum was in her element since the painter John Glover had lived there and there were so many cute houses, which she photographed. As we continued to walk round, we took in the bright autumn colours and even managed to grab some fresh produce from someone’s porch; how cute is that?!

We left a couple of dollars and picked up some teeny tomatoes and large pink runner beans; which we found out later on were poisonous if eaten raw. So they were chucked!

I had to drag mum away from all the shops because we needed to get to Wineglass Bay whilst it was still clear.

We arrived in good time, and even saw a wee wallaby in the car park! We went to the beach at the bottom first because mum was desperate to see one. Ah the Scots. Then we hiked up the mountain, with a few stops in-between, and took in the gorgeous sights:

We headed back down the mountain and took in some more sights from the base:

It was all so natural, untouched and gorgeous.

We then got back in the car and headed toward our next accommodation for the night, but because I was driving I made us stop for some fresh oysters.

It was a cute wee shop nestled in land selling an array of seafood. The oysters were delicious and tasted just like the sea. In my element over here.

We then arrived in Bicheno, a small beach town, and checked into our cute wee converted caravan. After that, we then went exploring around this new town; we found a beach and the most adorable community garden:

Mum and I were slowly falling in love with this place, it was just so quaint.

Dinner was in a local pub where we sampled some Tassie wine; where mum may have had too much of because of calling it Frenchman’s Cap (the real name) she stated Fisherman’s Hat. Mum had fish and chips and I had a lamb burger, nothing too fancy but still very tasty.

A drunk American woman then tried to make friends with us, so we swiftly left and got back to our cosy caravan.

It was another successful day; full of great weather, tasty food and lots of exercise!


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