Tasmania: Launceston

I was originally going to cover our entire trip to Tassie in one blog post, but we literally did so much in the five days when we were there, that I had to split each day into separate blogs.

I thought I’d save you from reading an essay.

3.30am mum and I awoke, we quickly packed and headed back to the airport. We checked in and had a coffee as we waited for our 6am flight (it was the cheapest option). I popped a couple Valium and had a glass of wine, classy I know, and we boarded the flight.

I passed out immediately so mum started chatting to the lady next to us; turned out she was a local shop owner in Launceston, selling hand-made woolen products. I awoke just as we were landing, which was perfect and looked down to the beautiful Tasmania:

The sun was out but it was FREEZING, so the first thing on the to do list was buy more layers! After we had warmed up, mum and I went for some brekkie in a local cafe. It was nothing too fancy, hence no picture and we planned our day. Turns out Launceston is tiny and there’s not really much to do by foot. We did find the botanic gardens that had a monkey sanctuary though…

Since we were only in Tassie for five days, I didn’t really want to waste a moment so we headed to the rental car place to see if we could get our car a day earlier. The man behind the counter was so chill it was brilliant and he let us get our car early. He even offered us an upgrade to which we both said no because we’re so British, but he gave us it for free anyways. Here’s our wee pal:

I signed all the papers and we were ready to go. I didn’t have much battery on my phone so we had to rely solely on mum’s map skills to get us around. They weren’t bad skills to have because we got to Mole Creek Wildlife Sanctuary unscathed.

I parked up all confident and happy, and mum let out a massive sigh of relief. You see, she panicked the whole way there because 1. I’d had my ‘flight aids’ that morning and 2. she hadn’t been in a car with me driving since I was learning to drive. I don’t blame her to be nervous, but I felt fine and wouldn’t have driven if I didn’t.

After that drama, we headed into the sanctuary ready to see some Aussie wildlife!

Mum and I go very soppy over animals, so she was ready to take the Tasmanian devils home, whereas I wanted the wombats. Mum wasn’t very keen on the kangaroos though because one kicked her multiple times, I swear I didn’t laugh…

It was a great wee sanctuary because you could touch some of the animals but you didn’t hold them, and the guide was the same man that was there when my mum visited – over thirty years ago!

We headed back to Launceston but stopped along the way; this is what I love about Australia, you can travel down a long road but there will be random signs for ‘fresh jam’ or ‘pick your own crops’.

The first stop was to a honey shop and it had samples! It was a great wee shop, which sold every single type of honey available. I bought a wee jar of chilli honey because I couldn’t resist.

The second stop was at a salmon farm, where we had even more tasters of Tasmanian salmon. I wished we’d been able to see wild Tasmanian salmon but it’s such a lucrative market nowadays, you can’t really get a look in. So instead, we fed the salmon in this gorgeous farm and jumped when they flew out the water.

We arrived back into Launceston, parked up and checked into our hotel. It was called the Batman Fawkner Inn and it was amazing; a historic building, slightly modernised, that had communal areas as well as private bedrooms.

Mum and I were ravenous by this point, so wandered around the ever so quiet town; it literally didn’t feel like a real town. We managed to find a wee Indian and shared some curries; a goan fish curry and a chicken saag curry:

It was such a delicious meal and hit the spot!

We then wandered around Launceston, still not getting how quiet it was. The only sound heard was the traffic light ‘whoosh’ when it was a green man. We loved it.

It wasn’t late at all, but considering we’d been up since 3.30am, we passed out as soon as we got into our room.

It was an eventful day and we couldn’t wait for the next day!


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