Formula 1 Grand Prix

The rain finally stopped in Melbourne; just in time for the Grand Prix! All my tram journeys to work passed by Albert Park and each day I could see the track gradually being built. It’s always so exciting when a global event comes to where you live, and it’s even better when you have tickets to go!

Mum wasn’t very keen on the F1 but I told her it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss. Lucy and Connor were back in Melbs, so we joined forces and the four of us headed up to the grounds.

The atmosphere was amazing! There was a buzz in the air but it wasn’t hectic like other events. We decided to take a wander around the grounds first:

I spotted a stall from afar, which made you into a GIF and I couldn’t resist. Here is the masterpiece:

MyGIFThumb (6)

We all then stopped for some food; Connor and Luce had Nandos, whilst Mum and I went for Greek pittas. After lunch, we went for another wander round and spotted a Heineken stand; we thought we could get free beer so sent Connor over to collect. There was no free beer, instead we got a lift via golf buggy to the Heineken village:

We wandered around this new area and listened to some live music.

We then found a massive sign that said AUS GP and HAD to get a picture with it. However, Lucy, my mum and I are all a little, inflexible, so were worried as to how we’d climb the thing. Luce went for the easy option by standing in the U, I braved it and climbed the P and then poor old mum; she struggled for time so slotted into the G. I remember looking down and seeing her awkwardly poking out. It was brilliant. Here it is:

Come to think of it, she actually looks pretty damn cool.

After that fun, we stopped for some more refreshments in the form of Pimms this time. Luck was on our side because the air show ran at the same time, so we were sipping on our fruity drinks whilst watching jet planes loop in the air.

The time was getting closer to the big race, so we left that area and went closer to the track. We found a good spot and got ready for the race:

It was bloody loud! But sooooo cool! It was mind boggling that the whole world was watching an event that was right before your eyes. We were all supporting Lewis Hamilton, mainly because that was the only person we knew, but Sebastian Vettel beat him to the post (and yes I did just Google how to spell his name).

The best part of the day then came up, the crowds were allowed to walk the track! We immediately took the opportunity and picked up bits of tyre, in the hopes of selling for thousands on Ebay.

We watched the awards ceremony from the track which was so cool, and we were able to get closer to the cars.

It was then time to get through the masses and find somewhere to eat. We were cold, tired and ravenous so decided to go to an Italian along Fitzroy Street. I hope by now you know I’m not a fussy eater but believe me when I say, THIS WAS THE WORST MEAL EVER. My mum ordered a seafood pizza that had zero taste, because the seafood was frozen, and it wasn’t cooked properly so it was literally mush. Connor and I ordered garlic, white wine, chilli, chorizo and prawn pasta – sounds great right? WELL NO. They must have realised their food didn’t taste of anything, so they added a watery tomato sauce to our pasta, which made it even worse. Lucy had a chicken parma with the same watery tomato sauce, so her supposed crispy chicken fillet was a soggy mess. Oh, and to top it all off the service was shocking too. So if you see Leo’s Spaghetti Bar in St Kilda, don’t go. I hate being negative but I’m so passionate about food that it really annoys me when something so simple has been made with no love, using cheap ingredients AND the staff don’t care about you.

Rant over.

However, our luck still wasn’t prevailing because the heavens opened up, just as we left the restaurant, so the four of us had to run back to mine only covered with a towel.

I’m not a bitter person, so overall I had the best day with great people! And having negative things only make you appreciate the good things more.

We all said our goodbyes, then mum and I were straight to bed because we were going to Tasmania the next day!!


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