Back to Rural Oz!

The best part about working for a start up, is the range of clients you can acquire. My company works with Lawsons Angus, who rear and sell high quality Angus bulls all across Australia.

The owners kindly invited myself, a colleague and my boss along to one of their sales at the end of March. It was such a new experience which I absolutely loved being part of!

The day started with my boss, Grant, picking us up in his Audi – I did hint that a fancy car might not do well along rural Victoria, but ah well!

We drove two hours to a place called Yea; I was so excited when we got out the car because I was back on farm land, something I had longed for since I’d left wee Gympie.

We took a wander round the vast, dusty surroundings and then went to see the bulls for sale.

It was such new experience; farmers in their jeans, shirts, boots and hats all wandering in the middle of the pens, checking out the bulls. I loved it.

The three of us then met up with the owners and expressed our excitement on this eye opening experience.

It was then time for the sale to begin, and that was even more of an experience! It was very much an auction but had living sale items and strong Aussie accents were heard everywhere.

All three of us loved taking into a glimpse into the farming industry and how the customers interacted with our client. There was an open bar at the end of the event, but we couldn’t stay because my mum was arriving from Scotland that night. I’ll find my Aussie farmer husband another time…

I felt like a kid on the way home because I was sporting the merch from our client:

We arrived back into the big city and I was straight out the door to get my mum!!!


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