St Paddy’s ☘️

Top of the morning to ya!

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself…

That time of year had come around again, where the whole world celebrates being Irish – even if they have no relation to the heritage at all. Who doesn’t love an excuse to drink right?!


The night began as usual, drinking with my pals on our gorgeous rooftop at work and making new friends too. Our group consisted of the usual suspects; Sam, Fran, Naing and I – we sound like a strange 80s European pop band, while a few newbies joined us too. We bonded over children’s books and prosecco such a great combo.

Then it got to that time where everyone parted ways. Not for Fran and I though! We decided to party on, and headed to the Blue Diamond bar for some espresso martinis. It was a rooftop bar in the center of Melbourne, with STUNNING views:

We shared a pizza, gossiped and gave the bartender tips on enhancing the martini – because we were the experts, obviously. 

Fran then suggested we go for a boogie in Collingwood, to The Peel Hotel. It was an amazing gay club; the music was on point, we danced so much and completely lost track of time. I lost Fran in a sea of men halfway through the night so we both called it quits when we realised it was 3am.

I loved that night so much, it was just what I needed.


I entered this celebratory day so rough; I can’t hack nights out anymore. I literally stayed in bed till 5pm until it was time to party again. I could have stayed home but Veera wanted to celebrate St Paddy’s and my uni friend, Aisling, was in Melbourne visiting so I HAD to see her!

We all met up at a bar called The Quiet Man and it was in Flemington. Look at me, six months living in Melbourne and now I’m just starting to see the suburbs.

It was so busy! You just saw a sea of green. I first located Veera in the mass of bodies, and Aisling was next on the find list. I started to get a bit worried that I wouldn’t see her but fate had other ideas, since she walked right in front of me.

I screamed and gave her a massive cuddle; it was so nice to see someone from home after two years of being away. It didn’t feel like it had been that long either because we got straight into chatting. Aisling is currently living in Singapore and working as an Occupational Therapist, but is very tempted to move to Melbs.

I then introduced Aisling to Veera and Aisling brought her friends into the group. Guinness was flowing, Galway Girl was playing and everyone was doing their best impression of Irish dancing. The atmosphere was fantastic:

The event finished around 10pm, so we all headed back to St Kilda for a few more beers. Everyone was pretty pished by this point so it was time to call it a night.

I gave Aisling a massive cuddle and wished her all the best, I wasn’t sad to say goodbye because I knew that we’d definitely meet up soon – wherever in the world that might be!


The only thing I managed to do that day was book flights to Bali for Veera and I (watch this space). The rest of it was spent suffering severely from a two day binge.

I’m never drinking again…

Nevertheless, it was a great Paddy’s Day weekend spent with old friends & new.


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