Labour Day Weekend

It was time for another long weekend, and I made sure that every second was enjoyed!

Buckle up for another looooong post.


Drinks at work were first on the agenda; Naing and I became buddies with the WeWork staff and gossiped over some beers.

Then I headed to Fitzroy to, my new friend, Rebecca’s place for dinner. I met her at a house party and instantly clicked, so she invited me over for a fancy meal. Veera was supposed to come too but she had to work; instead a new girl called Stephanie joined and she was from New York. It was a mixed group!

I was greeted with a glass of red, so knew it would be a great night. The three of us sat down to dinner; Rebecca had made a vegetable tagine with almond cous cous and sour cream. It was absolutely delicious. Apologies for no photo evidence.

Then wine kept flowing and we had so much to talk about. These two women were so interesting; they shone a light on amazing topics like: art, architecture, literature, astronomy and crystals. I loved learned from these two passionate people. We also talked about boys, who we are and what we want from life. Considering we were from the USA, Australia and Scotland; all our hope and dreams were pretty much similar. I love when you meet new people and just click.

We talked till 1am and decided that the night wasn’t over yet, so we went to the Black Pearl in Fitzroy and had a cheeky nightcap. It was called In the Noe and was created by Rebecca’s friend. It consisted of: knob creek rye, lemon, dry curaçao, golden demerera and cantaloupe. It was strong but it was so good.

We gossiped further (until 3am) and then said our goodbyes, whilst planning another catch up.

It was such an amazing night.



The next activity on the agenda, was a bike ride to Brighton with my new friend Grant. I met him through Sam & Fran at work drinks one night; this is where I may have had a bit too much booze, and decided to open up to him. I expressed how I had been feeling quite low recently, and that I couldn’t get myself out of this funk. Grant was not only a person to confide in, but he offered to take me on a bike ride – since it usually helps him when he’s not feeling too great. I thought this was drunken chat, however I was pleasantly surprised when he text me to organised our trip.

We met early afternoon down at the St Kilda pier, I may have been slightly rough but the fact that it was a gorgeous day helped a lot! Grant already had his bike, so we got me a Melbourne rental bike. I was a bit wobbly at first (I hadn’t cycled for years) but I proved the saying right and got back into the swing of things. I lead the way and we cycled along the beaches all the way to Brighton. Did I say it was a gorgeous day?!

We then got to Brighton and went into The Baths in Middle Brighton for a well earned bevvy! It was over 34 degrees that day so we were very parched; we shared some sparkling water, Grant had a beer and I had a cheeky wee Pimms:


It was perfect.

We chatted about anything and everything. Grant created a safe place to talk about mental health and how it’s okay to not be okay. It was so comforting.

It was then time to hop back on the bikes and make our way back to St Kilda. Grant led the way home and we then parted ways.

I found myself smiling for the rest of the day. It really did work.

So if you’re ever feeling low, get yourself out of the house, move your body and talk to someone. I promise you won’t regret it.


The fun for Saturday wasn’t over yet! My friends Veera and Etienne came to St Kilda for the Melbourne Street Eatz festival, I honestly live in the best place. It was located right next to the beach and had such a good vibe.

We wandered around looking at all the food trucks so I then HAD to get something. I chose Filipino cuisine in the form of crispy pork with garlic rice, veggies and some fish balls on the side:

It was so fresh and so good.

We enjoyed the music, the food and the vibes – all whilst the sun set on us. It was so lovely. I even recognised one of the food trucks from the F2F Summit I worked at in Sydney; they sold Knafeh which is a Middle Eastern version of Crème brûlée.


They’re marketing was on point, all the men a big and buff, with luscious beards – and they all danced to entice the audience. It reminded me how small Australia is.

The three of us then decided to head to a bar along Acland Street called the Vineyard, where we drank Pimms and Mojitos. It’s supposed to be autumn here but it was the perfect summer evening.


Do you know where I’ve never been? The Yarra Valley. Only joking!! It was time for another wine tour!

Cherie and I, along with Grant (my boss) picked up our group early morning. They were friends with Grant so nerves weren’t as high.

The first stop was Hanrahan Vineyard and it was easily my favourite stop of the day because a staffie came out to greet us! His name was Otis and I played with the mascot the entire time. Excluding the star of the show; the wine was lovely, the grounds were absolutely stunning and Cherie even prepared some scones for morning tea. It was the perfect start to the day:

Next up was Dominique Portet:

The third venue was Boat O’Craigo, which I absolutely LOVE saying in an Aussie accent:

The fourth venue was Giant Steps and this is when things started to get messy; the winery let us try a lot of wines so everyone in the group were in a great place by the time we left.

The final venue was Alchemy Distillers; we decided that we wanted to try some gin and vodka too. The group were VERY merry by this point… However, we did make it through the tasting and were able to try different varieties of spirits, including quinoa gin.

We were then given a tour of the distillery and even met one of the co-owners. We learned about how they made all the booze, their experimental flavours and how one very drunk visitor, climbed into an old oven in their walls.

It was a brilliant experience.

It was then time to head home, and our bus was very jolly on the way home.

Yet another successful tour!


No work today, yay!!

Instead, good old Lucy and Connor came to visit! They were in Melbourne for the Ed Sheeran concert, so came to see me first.

We started off the day with food, obviously, and went to Abbey Road Cafe along Acland Street. I had steak and chips, with broccolini, peppercorn sauce & fried mushrooms and onions:

Our meals were delicious but the service wasn’t the best, which was a shame.

I then took Luce and Connor to Melbourne Street Eatz, but since we’d just eaten – we couldn’t do much. We did get some photos though!

Next up was catching a tram into the city, so we could see what the Moomba festival had to offer.

It was a very random festival; it didn’t seem like there was any meaning to it apart from water sports and funfairs. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and the atmosphere was amazing:

I loved seeing Lucy and Connor again, and enjoying this day with them. It was then time to say goodbye, but not for long since they’ll be moving to Melbs soon!

I hopped on a tram to St Kilda and went straight to bed. I had an amazing long weekend with so many friends, old and new, doing so much, but boy was I shattered!

I went to sleep with a smile on my face that evening; feeling very content.


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