Local Produce, Yes Please!

My ordinary Saturday with not many plans, turned into a cute wee day.

I started the day WITHOUT a hangover and went to the gym to see my personal trainer; who am I? All jokes aside though, I’m not happy with my weight at the moment so I’m going all in to get healthier. Go me!

After I finished my sesh, I decided to take a walk along the beach because it was a stunning day. It was snowing and in the minuses back home, so I had to take some pics just to rub it in:


It’s mean I know but I couldn’t help myself.

I spent a while soaking up the rays, but then had to get on with my day and do some food shopping. I was going to go to my local Woolies as usual, but fate had other plans for me…

On the way to the supermarket, I took a short cut and was greeted with a sign that said ‘Farmers Market Today’, and of course I was going.

It was so Aussie, all these stalls from local farms surrounded by beautiful eucalyptus trees:

I wandered around all the stalls and chatted to a lot of the owners. The first stop was with a company called Gorgeous George Organics and they sold homemade kombucha, hommous and sauerkraut. Each item on offer tasted so fresh and you could really tell that they cared about what they do.


Next up was a stall that sold fresh apples, and I was SO excited for this. You see, I learned on the farm that fresh is best; even if they don’t look the prettiest, the taste is unreal. I bought two varieties of apples; granny smith and Braeburn, and one massive lemon from the very friendly farmer.


I then spotted a stall selling organic green beans so I had to inspect to see if they were top quality. The woman couldn’t quite get over how excited I was, until I explained about my farmwork. They were gorgeous beans, or as Ellie would say – El Dorado! So I bought a kilo as well as looking at their other produce:


I spent a good two hours at this market; I just loved the variety of locally sourced goods. Here are the other items I bought, but ran out of patience to take pictures of the stalls:

  • Free range eggs from Green Eggs
  • Chicken Liver Pate from Offaly Good Food
  • A black olive tapenade from Mount Zero
  • A loose leaf lemon, ginger and green tea from The Herb Store
  • A raw cacao chocolate bar & a choc orange bar from Cocoa Rhapsody
  • Black Pudding and Haggis from Pacdon Park – which I haven’t had in two years, so they made a Scottish lassie VERY happy!

Here’s my carefully arranged bargains of the day:

I felt inspired by my trip so decided to use some of the ingredients for lunch…

I would have written a quirky recipe for you but it was the most simple dish ever. All you need is kale, black pudding, an egg and chicken liver pate. Three out of the four ingredients were from today’s activities; I’m so frugal.

Fry the black pudding and the egg in a little oil, then place the protein on top of the kale and finish with a quenelle of pate (a blob with do too, if you’re not extra like me).

Here it is:

It was delicious and I was SO happy to be eating black pudding again. It was almost as if I could hear the bagpipes. 

I really enjoyed my quiet wee Saturday getting to see what is produced around Melbourne.


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