I created this blog to be an online diary for my travels, however I didn’t realise how much content I would have to document!

I’m in no way bragging, I’m just a very sentimental person and love that I have so many memories to write down.

It was just an average Friday, although I was a little hungover from an awkward blind date the night before, but apart from that; I was working away as usual. My friend Naing had finally moved in the WeWork office so I had another friend, yay!

The Aussie work culture is fabulous, the weekend starts at 3pm on a Friday – something that was SO alien to me – however I worked until 5pm because my British work ethics were so ingrained in me. Myself and Fran, a fabulous graphic designer who is our office neighbour, headed out to get some prosecco. We arrived back at the office, with many bottles of bubbles, and popped one straight away.

Here we are with Sam too, Fran’s partner in the company:

Naing then came to join us and we spent a few hours gossiping. WeWork are such a great company to be part of because they do happy hours each Friday where beer is free and unlimited. Can you imagine that in Glasgow?!  They also had a vodka company, called Anestasia, come in to document their product; which I obviously had to try, because free alcohol, duh! I had a shot of the clear nectar and had a cocktail made up for me too. It was fabulous.

Sam and Fran then headed home, and Naing stated that he had to leave soon too. I had an event at 9.30pm in the city so needed friends to hang out with till then. So, I asked Naing, who is the queen of networking, to make friends for me. I could do it myself, but I get nervous….

We sat at a table with three Argentinians, and one I vaguely recognised. I didn’t think anything of it so carried on getting to know them all. One guy was a chef so I was asking him a TON of questions about this industry, whilst also asking for his insta, because #foodporn

The other guy I recognised then decided to show us his travel videos around South East Asia, it wasn’t until his friend popped in the video that I realised I KNEW him. He was part of the three Argentinians in Mad Monkeys Backpackers in Sydney. I even sifted through my phone and found old snapchats of us together partying in the kitchen. I know it doesn’t sound like a massive deal but it’s so nice to meet up with someone again, especially when you met at the start of your journey – so you can see how people have grown.

We all got on like a house on fire and had an absolute blast, however it was then time to leave to go to the Crown and meet Veera for the Full Moon Party. My reunited friend, Facundo, offered me a ride to which I was very confused about, because we were in the middle of the city and no one brings cars. It was to my delight that he had a motorbike!! I was terrified and so excited at the same time so I hopped on, posed for a picture and then we were off:


It was so fun!! And exhilarating I’m glad I enjoyed it because my dad’s side of the family are avid bikers, and I wanted to see if it ran in the genetics. To top it all off, Veera saw me arriving at the Crown so I looked even more badass getting of my ride. She literally messaged me with ‘I SEE YOU’ and she was so impressed. I thanked Facu for the lift and headed into the Crown.

Veera and I arrived at the club and immediately got our face painted with UV paint and stocked up on glow sticks:

Our friends from the Christmas party in the city, mostly French, then arrived and we were ready for a good night. However, there was drama before the night even started! One of the girls, let’s say her name is Beth, didn’t like another girl, she can be called Tania, there, so Beth stopped the group combining because Veera and myself were dancing with Tania. We’re not mean you see and just wanted everyone to get on. However this wasn’t going to happen and the two groups were split for a large segment of the night.


Tania took Beth to the side so they could have a chat, cough – argument – cough. And with them gone, the group finally became one, yay!!!! Here we all are finally happy to be together:

I don’t think much got resolved as people started to leave, so Veera and I decided to walk away from a soap opera and headed into the casino!! We had NO CLUE what to do, we played one machine and lost $5 so gave up on that; we also attempted to get free tea and coffee but to no prevail AND we ran away from many creepy men, including ones who called us fairies?

It got to 5.30am and we were dying, so we caught a taxi and headed back to mine to pass out.

Poor Veera had to work the next day, but I spent it in bed. Which was a good thing because I literally felt like death. I CANNOT handle alcohol anymore.

It was such an action packed night, I absolutely adore unplanned events like that. It’s where the best stories come from.


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