The Magic of Melbourne

I’ll warn you now, this is going to be a loooong post! I just have so much to talk about that happened over a three day span. You see, Gustav was leaving so we decided to use this as an excuse to do as many activities as possible.

And, in the words of Philip DeFranco, let’s just jump right into it!


The four of us (Veera, myself, Gustav and Gustav’s friend Mass) decided that this would be a relaxed evening, and because Veera always travels over two hours to come see us in the city, we decided that we’d go to her in Sunshine.

A trip to the cinema was on the itinerary and because we love to get scared, it was to see Insidious Part 3. Gustav even told us to not disclose the film to Mass because he was terrified of scary movies. Great guy Gustav is! After Mass realised he had been tricked, he came to the terms with it and we moved over to the arcade games. Yes, this cinema had a full blown arcade area! It was fantastic! Veera and I won some crappy toys, while the boys munched on their popcorn THAT WAS MEANT FOR THE FILM!

It was then time to go into the theater and scare our socks off. All three of us , apart from Gustav, were screaming. It was brilliant. There were a lot of jump scares and the director definitely messed with the audience, to get the best reaction.

After the film finished, we headed home and tried to not get nightmares.


This was a FABULOUS day for me. And I’m not over exaggerating.

My morning was spent at Myer, indulging in a personal shopping experience. I can honestly say it was great; I wasn’t pressured into buying anything, the lady found clothes that suited me perfectly and she restored my confidence in my style.



After the great morning, I popped into work for a coffee (it’s open on the weekends and decided to save some money). After the small refreshment, I headed back to St Kilda to meet good ole Gustav and Mass.

We went to a restaurant called Lona, that served Spanish/Mexican tapas. It was a bit overpriced compared to the size of the dishes (which were absolutely tiny) however the food tasted lovely.

Here’s what I had:

Tasmanian salmon, capers, chives, avocado & dill aioli.

Lightly rice crumbed barramundi fillets, chipotle, lime, coriander & salsa.

I also had a cheeky Aperol spritz before being rushed out by the boys to get ready.

We headed back to my place, where I rejuvenated my look and was out the door all under 20 minutes. It was an absolute miracle.

The reason we were in a rush, was to make our appointment at Adventure Rooms; a place you were locked in a room for an hour and had to solve clues to get out. ‘

We made it on time and eagerly anticipated the experience. We were given our safety briefing and headed into our room. The theme was the ‘Black Queen’ and if we didn’t escape she’d eat us ooh.

The four of us immediately scoured the room and got straight into it. We were really enjoying ourselves until we thought we’d hit a dead end. Turns out one of the keys didn’t unlock something that it was supposed to, hence why we were stuck. After a staff member realised what was going on he gave us time back and gave us the clue to continue. I won’t say what we had to do because you need to check it out yourself. All I can say is that it was so fun and so funny to do. The cherry on top, was us escaping with only a minute to spare. You should have heard the cheers!

Here we are:

The night wasn’t over! Gustav then took us to a place in which he described as a ‘fairy tale bar’. I really didn’t think my expectations would be met but oh boy, were they!! We went up an alley adjacent from China Town and was greeted with a massive storybook painted on the side of a building. As we entered, we walked up stairs but really we felt like we were inside a tree trunk. When we arrived we were greeted with a dimly lit, magical bar – complete with glowing mushrooms.



It didn’t only just look cool, but it served themed cocktails!! I may have had three…

666 Butter Vodka, Mozart Dark Choc, Vanilla and Lavender

This was my most favourite cocktail because it was chocolaty and creamy but not too sweet. It even came with roasted marshmallow AND a golden ticket, which actually let me win more sweets!

Cognac, Kirsch, Cherry, Peach and Lemon

This one was delicious and it was very refreshing, however the real dead maggots in the drink were an a acquired taste.

Vanilla Tea, Havana 3yr rum, cream

This was also gorgeous, it was served in a teapot that had dry ice. You can’t go wrong with a bit of theatrics!

Here’s a video of Mass’ cocktail:




Starward New World Whisky, Madeni Vermouth with a few hidden extras

His was the coolest to capture on video!

And here we all are enjoying our tipples:



Veera then said goodbye and the three of us went for a wander around the city. It was very eventful because we inadvertently stumbled across a Greek festival. There was live music, food trucks and dancing. I absolutely love Melbourne.

The boys then started to moan that they were hungry so I took them to a Korean restaurant in China Town (ironic, I know). And we had my favourite, KFC!!

Gustav didn’t believe me when I said it was a massive portion and decided to order rice too. Boy was he shocked:

We ate our body weight in chicken until we couldn’t go on but Gustav managed to polish off the whole thing (to prove a point I think).

It was a delicious meal and the perfect ending to a fantastic day.


The fun was far from over, oh no no no!! Because Sunday was the St Kilda festival!! I was so excited for it (can you tell?) because I had seen them preparing for it each night I came home from work.

The day started of with a BBQ at my place, my flatmate cooked kebabs and Gustav prepared garlic steak, sweet baby carrots, baked potatoes and grilled lettuce with a cream sauce. I got zero photos, apologies. But I did get this fancy ass boomerang of Gustav with the BBQ:



After the food we headed out into St Kilda, and my god it was crazy! The best way to describe it, was like the zombie apocalypse had taken place because there were swarms of people EVERYWHERE. The atmosphere was amazing.

We wandered around, took in the sights, munched on some marshmallows, played jenga, went on scary ass rides (I was the bag holder) and visited the many live stages. It was such a great day.



We could have stayed out all night but we all had work the next day, and none of us were ravers into drugs so the evening’s events kind of ruled us out.

I love how sensible we all were.

I had one of the best weekends since moving to Melbourne; so much happened and I’ll definitely remember each memory fondly.


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