KFC – It’s not what you think

It seems that, each week I live in Australia, I develop a new favourite food. First it was seafood, then sushi and now it’s KFC. And before you start judging, I do not mean the fast food chain – no no no, instead I am referring to Korean Fried Chicken. Y U M.

I was first introduced to this food when I went for drunken munch in Chinatown one Friday night, and it changed my life forever….

Not really.

It did help me A LOT when deciding what to order from Uber Eats though. And, coincidentally, this is where my story begins…

 It sounds like I’m about to start a grand trilogy, detailing some unconventional heroes setting off for a dangerous quest. I’m not though, only here for the fried chicken. 

During the Christmas period I ordered a silly amount of Uber Eats because 1. I was consistently hungover and 2. it’s so damn convenient! And my go to was KFC, edamame and kimchi from a restaurant called Quinni. It was the perfect meal.

One Friday night, Gustav called me saying he was bored and hungry so I suggested going to Quinni. He likes trying good food too, so he happily agreed to going for Korean.

Here’s what we had:


We shared a bunch of items:

  • Pan fried marinated chicken thigh strips in a homemade spicy chilli reduction, served w fresh veg
  • White rice
  • Edamame beans
  • Spicy Kimchi
  • The star of the show; KFC! Half original and the other half with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Oh, and a Moscow Mule for me, because it was the weekend duh!

Safe to say Gustav was impressed as he literally licked each plate clean. He did also get severely embarrassed when I pointed out that he was eating edamame wrong. It was mean but what else are friends for, right??

The meal was to die for, and what I’m most impressed with is the consistency; I’ve ordered from Quinni over five times now and I’ve never been disappointed.

If you’re ever in Elwood, pop into Quinni. You won’t regret it!


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