A Very Vegan Brunch

It was only a couple of hours since I’d arrived back in Melbourne, and I was out and about again!

It was another warm AF day so we planned on heading to St Kilda Beach, however we had to get some food first.

My friend, Kerry, from work went to a brunch spot in St Kilda a couple weeks ago and had very positive things to say, so that’s where we went. It’s called Matcha Mylkbar and it is a vegan restaurant – something my carnivorous friends; Gustav and Filip, were very hesitant about. I forced them in anyways and immediately got excited over the menu.

Literally look at all these funky/interesting options on the menu

I started with a flight of exotic lattes, here’s a pic of them:

Here is a colour coded list of what was in each:

Purple Peanut Butter Latte (pink)
astronuts natural peanut butter, purple okinawan
sweet potato, soy mylk, coconut aminos

Charcoal Latte (grey)
activated charcoal, mesquite, maca, soy mylk

Mushroom Latte (brown)
chaga mushroom, vanilla essence, coconut mylk,
coconut nectar

Blue Algae Latte (blue, duh)
live e3 algae, ginger, lemon, coconut mylk,
coconut nectar

They were all delicious! They each had a very distinct flavour and so refreshing to have your taste buds challenged. Plus it was all good for you!

Next up was the food! Honestly each plate looked like a work of art.

Here’s Filip’s dish:

Today I’m going to Stay Soba
sesame tossed soba noodles, creamy matcha ponzu, enoki mushrooms, cucumber, edamame, purple daikon, iceberg hearts and black garlic.

Filip said he really enjoyed it and the best part were the noodles because they had such a depth of flavour.

Here’s Gustav’s dish:

Son in Law Eggs
corn & chia fritters, chilli jam, green papaya, nahm jim, thai basil, iceberg lettuce cup and poached eggs.

Gustav loved the dish too, and his only criticism was that there wasn’t enough of the chilli jam!

And here’s what I had:

Hollandaise Eggs

two poached vegan eggs, turmeric hollandaise, kale and avocado on sourdough toast.

I mean, how gorgeous is that plate?! It tasted just as good too. The hollandaise was ever so creamy, with a hint of spice; the kale added a crispy element and the vegan eggs were to die for!

I just loved their approach:

our original recipe vegan eggs have the same protein, look and texture as a traditional egg, however they are made from completely plant based ingredients (the taste is sweeter but more compassionate)


To be exact, the whites are made from almond & coconut, whilst the yolk is created by mixing sweet potato & turmeric. They were perfectly balanced, and had a much better texture than normal eggs (you didn’t get any random translucent, gooey bits).

It was a fantastic meal to start the day off with; it was full of flavour and even converted two carnivores. I’ll definitely be back!

We then headed to the beach to soak up the rays. Veera joined us, as well as her French friend called Candice. Here we all are:

We tried to tan but it was sooooo hot, so we basically spent the whole day in the sea. Filip then decided he had had enough, and invited us back to his place for a BBQ and a dip in his pool.

The pool was gross when we arrived, so cooled down in the shade instead. It was then time to prepare the BBQ and chef Gustav made an appearance. He seasoned the steaks, grilled all types of veg and seared the meat; he was definitely in his element. Here’s the barbecue:

We sat down to our gourmet, well seasoned, feast and tucked in. This is when all of Filip’s flatmates returned and they were all smashed, not to mention shocked at all the fancy food. It was hilarious; one half of the garden was eating a fancy BBQ with great wine, and the other side were drinking booze in the rather questionable pool. This is why I love Australia, such a random mix of people around!

The food was delicious! We hung around till 10pm, since it was still way over 35 degrees, and then headed home because we all had work the next day.

It was a great day to be back in Melbourne and it reminded me how much I love this city!


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