Sydney – Part 3

The final installment of this epic trilogy!

Sorry, I’ll stop…

This was my last day in Sydney, and I was trying to think of things I hadn’t done yet. The Sydney Fish Market immediately popped in my head, so Lucy, Connor and I headed on our way. I was so excited because I’m obsessed with seafood and the fact the people I was going with didn’t despise it, made me more eager to get there.

We arrived and walked through the car park to the main market area. It did smell, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would.

The first treat I HAD to try was the oysters from Doyles Oyster Bar. There were two reasons for this:

  1. I’ve never had a really good oyster; they’ve always tasted like snot to me – so I wanted to be converted.
  2. It was covered on an episode of Worth It on Buzzfeed, and they raved about how tasty they were – for such a decent price ($3 each).

There were a selection of oysters from all over Australia, unfortunately the famous Coffin Bay Oysters were not available that day, so I tried two other kinds. The first was from Tasmania’s Bruny Island and the other was from Sydney’s Tuross Lake. Here are the oysters:

I tried both of my oysters and it was a very different experience for both… The one on the left in the photo (I don’t know which one is which from my description above, sorry!) was plump and juicy, so there was a lot of seawater in that mouthful. The one on the right was smaller and had a frilly texture, which took getting used to. Both of the oysters tasted fantastic! They were ever so slightly fishy and salty, but because they were so fresh – it was the perfect balance. I just needed to get used to the texture.

After that experience, which both Connor and Lucy didn’t partake in, we headed into the market area to gaze at what had been caught that day. It was busy and had a very heavy Asian influence, which I didn’t anticipate, but provided a great buzz around the area.

We spied in the tanks and took in all the weird and wonderful seafood on offer:

After all that window shopping, we decided to buy some lunch. I was literally like a kid a Christmas. I ordered All. The. Seafood.

On my plate before you was: spanner crab, king prawn, salmon, scallop and lobster. Y U M M Y! Although some of the seafood was overcooked,Β it was such a delicious meal. We sat by the water and enjoyed the Sydney summer:

After lunch we wandered around some more, and I decided to buy one more treat before we left – as did Lucy. I went for sea urchin and Lucy got a freshly cooked king prawn, have a look and see which you’d rather have:

I usually love sea urchin but I don’t think it was properly cleaned, as there was weird black stuff which led the buttery treat to taste like metal. It was so cool to look at though. Lucy’s prawn was gorgeous; plump and sweet.

It was time to leave the Fish Market and it had been a great afternoon! I had a few hours to kill so Lucy and Connor took me to a place called The Choc Pot in the city, to eat some more!!

Diet starts Monday…

Here’s what we ordered:

Top left was Connor’s; honey-cinnamon waffles, with nuts, caramel, biscuits, caramel ice cream and a ice cream cone.

Top right was Lucy’s; a hot fudge brownie sundae with a milk chocolate hot chocolate.

Bottom was mine; a layer dark chocolate mousse, a layer of white chocolate mousse, topped with a strawberry and crispy treats. I also had a peach and raspberry iced tea.

It was a great day, filled with amazing company and delicious food. I totally didn’t have enough time though and missed out on catching up with others.

So Sydney, in the words of The Terminator; I’ll be back.


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh yeah. Look at them oysters. At $3 a piece its a steal.
    Sea urchins are such a mess to eat unless they have been opened up for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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