Sydney – Part 2

G’DAY Mate! It’s only bloody Straya day!

Sorry I’ll stop with the Aussie typing, but my second day in Sydney was in fact, Australia Day.  The day started with Lucy and Connor coming over to my sweet pad for a very stodgy breakfast – I was NOT repeating the events of the night before.

Here is our brekkie set up, complete with Australian flags:

We had: sausages, bacon, egg and bread rolls. It was a perfect set up for the day ahead. After our hearty meal, we hopped on a bus and headed to Circular Quay.

It was so busy! Thousands of people had flocked to The Rocks to take in all the Australia Day celebrations. There were food stalls, live music, bars, entertainment and craft stalls – they atmosphere was amazing.

Here we are with the Opera House:

We walked all the way down to the end of The Rocks, and came across the Indigenous section. I was happy to see this since this day is very controversial; it’s basically celebrating a genocide, so seeing these guys getting involved showed that they stood up for their culture. We listened to the didgeridoo music that played with the beautiful backdrop of the Harbour Bridge.

Connor then had to go and work for a couple hours, so Lucy and I grabbed some beers (which she hated) and then went for dinner. We didn’t have anything fancy – hence no photo – but it was fitting for the day; chicken parma! Connor then joined us for dessert.

We then spent the next few hours wandering around Circular Quay; waiting for the fireworks. There was a big TV screen in the middle of the water, and it showed the live performers which was so clever. However, the presenters didn’t warn us that each act would have fireworks, so when they went off – the whole crowd went crazy, thinking that these were the big finale.

We finally found a spot and got ready for the show. Honestly it was the best firework I’d ever seen; it was perfectly timed to the music playing, the fireworks were all different and they spanned over a massive area.

Here’s before and after the fireworks:


All three of us were left gobsmacked. We all agreed that they were even better than the NYE fireworks, and that’s saying something!!

We followed the crowds back into the city and caught an Uber back to Coogee Bay Hotel. Connor wasn’t allowed in because he was wearing a vest, so the poor sod had to wear is High Vis work shirt:


We were all pretty tired and hungover from the night before, so weren’t really feeling it. Instead, we spent the night judging the best and worst dressed in the bar. This game completely backfired on me though because Matt, the guy I had seen the night before, was also at the CBH and, without me noticing, he was voted the worst dressed by Lucy and Connor. Honestly it looked like he got dressed in the dark.

We quickly ditched him and headed back to the beach. Boy were we in for some entertainment!! Literally, there were so many couples skinny dipping, fondling and making babies on the beach. It was insane. Something must have been in the air! The three of us were far enough away to just giggle at these drunken antics of backpackers.

It was a random but hilarious way to end the night.


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