The Australian Open 2018

I decided to take a cheeky last minute day off from work on the 19th of January, so I could watch the Australian Open 2018. I have shown no interest in the sport or the event any other time in my life, but when it’s on your doorstep – you have to go! I went with a lady I work with called Kerry and her two friends Jackie and Hannah.

It was bloody warm mate! 42°C/ 107°F to be exact. So we spent the morning and early afternoon in the much-needed shade which was conveniently in the form of a bar…

We all could feel the beer going to our head so decided to get some food before we made fools out of ourselves at this fancy event. Kerry suggested a Mexican food stand called Mamacita and it was amazing! I ordered nachos and we shared some fish tacos. Even though the crowds were huge; the food came out quickly and tasted so fresh.

After we had had our fill of carbs, it was time to be back on the booze! I’m a sucker for an insta worthy photo of either myself or food/drink, and I spotted a beautiful bar covered in roses that sold frozés (frozen rosé). I obviously dragged Kerry along to investigate and may have made her get that perfect shot…

The frozé was absolutely gorgeous; it was fruity, a little bit sweet and didn’t have an overpowering wine flavour. Here we are with the ideal drink to have during a heatwave:

As we waited for the sun to calm down, the four of us gals made friends with two older Aussie couples who shared the table with us. They were lovely; they made sure the sun wasn’t burning us and chatted about their travels around the world. Honestly I felt that they were family. It got to 3pm, and the weather showed no sign of cooling down; so the four new friends we made said that they were leaving the arena. We started to say goodbye and then they surprised us all by giving us their tickets! They weren’t your average seats either; only bloody front row at Margaret Court Arena!! We were so grateful and couldn’t wait to watch the tennis.

After investigating the arena we saw that the shade had covered our seats, so we were finally able to spectate! The first game was between Gilles Muller from Luxembourg and Pablo Carreno Busta from Spain. It was a tense match that lasted for over three hours, and it ended with Carreno Busta winning three sets to one. The high heat got to the guys as they were sweating buckets and the whole crowd felt for them. Nevertheless, it was a great game to watch:

The next game was between Kateryna Bondarenko from Ukraine and Magdalena Rybarikova from Slovakia. The ladies played an intense game, and throughout the match, the crowd didn’t know who would win. They both fought to the end and, after over two hours of playing, Rybarikova managed to win two sets to one.


We had to leave arena after that match as our tickets were only for the day. Nadal was next to play, so we were gutted to miss that, but beggars can’t be choosers!

Hannah and Jackie left us after the match, so Kerry and I took a wander around the grounds. The atmosphere was amazing, and the weather had finally cooled down, so it was a beautiful summer’s evening.

There were still games going on, so we went into the Show Court to watch one final match; this time between Kaia Kanepi from Estonia and Carla Suárez Navarro from Spain. This was another tight game and both ladies played very well; however, Navarro secured a win from two sets to one. We were sitting near her coach so were caught up in the celebrations after she won, and even started to speak some Spanish; vamos Carla!

Kerry and I felt our bellies rumble once more so wandered over to the live music stage where the Hoodoo Gurus were playing. I had no idea who they were but the crowd loved them. We went over to some food trucks and decided to go for Japanese fusion cuisine from Miso Fresh Food Truck. I had chips that were topped with friend chicken, seaweed and sesame mayo. It was just what was needed after a day of drinking and the salty/crispiness was perfectly balanced:

We took our food and watched the music, as the sun set over Melbourne.

It was the perfect ending to a fantastic day.

The fun didn’t end there though, I eagerly checked the Australian Open website to see if they had uploaded video footage of the day. We sat front row, so it was VERY likely that we would be on camera. And guess what I was right!! Check out these bad boys:

Look at the top right hand corner #famous

If you are ever in Melbourne for The Open, please go! You’ll absolutely love it.


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