Find Happiness in Every Day

I was back into my weekday routine and was starting to feel a bit down; you know how it goes – starting back at work after the festive period, getting used to being in the office 9am till 5pm and it being so cold and dark outside… Wait a second!! I live in Melbourne and its bloody summer mate!

All Aussie jokes aside, I was feeling low. So instead of feeling sorry for myself and lying in bed, I forced myself get out and play touch footie that night. I wasn’t feeling very confident as I hadn’t participated in any kind of sport/fitness activity for two weeks; Christmas is the time to become a blob! And I felt very anxious for no reason. However, I headed over to Albert Park and joined my Raging Bulls for our first game.

I still can’t catch a ball and I am not a fast sprinter, but I’ve found my niche – defending. If you know me, I am not sporty, even if I tried, that part of my brain is just missing, but I’m not using that as a deterrent!! So, I stuck to defending the wing, and even stopped a few cheeky attempts at a try!! It was a hot sweaty evening and we were all a bit rusty, or unfit *cough cough* but we managed to draw! Successful game I’d say.

Cherie and I walked home together; gossiping about anything and everything! We had some much to chat about that Cherie suggested we go see the penguins at St Kilda Pier. It was a beautiful evening, so the answer was obviously yes.

We walked along the pier and were distracted by some teenage boys who had caught a stingray, but it was caught in their hook. We spectated as they tried to unhook him, however they couldn’t so put him back in the water before he stopped breathing. I hope he was ok…

The two of us then walked along to the end of the pier and took in the amazing surroundings, including the gorgeous pink skies.


As we waited, I decided to chat to Cherie about how low I was feeling earlier but getting out and remembering how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place is just what was needed, and it was Cherie that helped remind me.

The penguins finally appeared, and it was adorable!! They climbed up the rocks and started getting ready for bed, all natural, free and on their own accord. (You weren’t allowed to take photos with a flash so let’s play spot the penguin below!)

I sat on the rocks and took in the moment; it was so peaceful – that was until a little Chinese boy started tapping my back shouting ‘two ‘two!’. I was so confused and started but his grandmother, told us that he was learning to read and seeing the number two on my back (my touch footie t-shirt was still on) got him all excited. It was sweet and so funny!

I went home happy and refreshed. If you’re ever having a low day, try to get yourself out and about – it sounds like a big task, but I promise the payoff is amazing.

I hope you find happiness in every day.


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  1. Cherie Ryan says:

    I love this and I loved our evening visiting the penguins! It is a good reminder that it doesn’t take much, you need to just fight the little devil telling you life sucks … it doesn’t really, you’ve just had a bad day, we all have them! Exercise/Nature .. cure for many of life’s problems 😀


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