One More Christmas Party!

I know it’s now January 2018, but there’s still time for another Christmas party! My boss and I started back at work on the 3rd and decided that a team lunch should take place to ease us into the New Year. We invited Kerry along too, she works for immigration and shares the same office as us, so the three of us went to Oriental Tea House in Melbourne’s CBD for a ton of dumplings and a glass, or four, of some Sauvignon Blanc. We’d just missed the Yum Cha experience, so we’ll have to go back…

We ordered so many dumplings I couldn’t keep track so here’s a list of what we had:

  • Lucky Prawn & Chive Dumplings
  • Ginger Prawn Dumplings
  • XO Scallop & Prawn Dumplings
  • Pork, Dried Shrimp Football Dumplings – Shiitake Mushrooms & Bamboo with A Crispy Bacon & Sesame Top
  • Golden Lemongrass Chicken Dumplings
  • Chilli Wagyu Beef Dumplings Marinated in Kaffir Lime, Served with A House Made Chilli Sauce
  • Crispy Prawn Wontons with Japanese Mayo
  • Satay Peanut Chicken & Asian Herb Dumplings
  • Pan Fried Pork & Chive Dumplings
  • Buddha’s BBQ Buns, A Vegetarian Play on BBQ Pork Buns

It was an absolute feast and each dish was so damn delicious! I couldn’t get a picture of everything as the dumplings came out intermittently but here’s some of the delightful treats:

It was a great lunch that spanned into the afternoon and evening; it was safe to say not much work was done that day!


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