Happy New Year

Hogmanay had arrived once again, 2017 was a fantastic year for me; I had the best experience of my life working on the farm, I travelled up to Uluru, I met the most amazing friends and I started working in my dream job as a Marketing Manager.

New Years Eve was a more relaxed event this year; you see most of my friends had all gone up to Sydney, which left Gustav and myself to fend for ourselves. However, we didn’t let this get us down and spent the evening drinking and singing to cheesy songs via YouTube. Here we are:

We decided to do something worthwhile, so we wandered up to Albert Park and watched the fireworks from the city.

It was a very chilled New Year, but still an amazing one.

New Year’s Day then popped up and it was time to recover from the hangover AND make steak pie! It’s a Scottish tradition to have all your family round and the dish of choice is steak pie; which is great as it soaks up all the festive booze. I cooked my pie, following the guidelines of my Auntie Diane, and produced this baby:

It’s a Guinness steak pie with creamy, garlic mash and puff pastry. I keep the pastry separate as I despise it when it goes all soggy. It was delicious and fed me for the next three days, which was an added bonus!

I loved bringing a bit of Scottish tradition over to Australia with me.



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    1. Thank you so much! All the best wishes to you two too!!

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