A 42 Degree Day

If anyone ever tells you ‘don’t move to Melbourne, it’s cold and rains all the time’ do not, I repeat DO NOT believe them!! The weather is inconsistent yes, but it most definitely was not cold this day…

Rumours had spread across town that the weekend would bring a heatwave, and my ignorant British self thought the temperature would reach a maximum of 30 degrees. I was wrong, so wrong. It got up to 42 degrees!!! I’d expect that in the outback whilst being surrounded by desert, but not in the bloody middle of a city!

I obviously started my day with avo toast, and if I don’t mention this – please call someone for help. Luck was on my side as I cut the perfect avocado, so I had to capture this beauty:


I then made a loganberry, raspberry and cranberry iced tea to help cool me down in the heat.

Please appreciate this photo, I went through numerous glasses, raspberries and poses to get the perfect shot – not to mention how much I was sweating running around my garden for the best angle!! Note to self: do not do a LFWL photoshoot in ridiculous heat!!

After that fiasco I had a nice cool shower and headed to Chapel Street to meet Veera and Gustav. My Auntie Linda always told me when I was a kid, that you should never waste a beautiful day spent in the cinema (Scotland doesn’t get much sun you see). However, the heat this day proved an exception to the rule – it was literally so bad to be outside. So, instead the three of us went to watch The Disaster Movie, as we’d watched The Room two weeks prior. It was a great film, so funny and the soundtrack was banging!! It also increased the ‘oh, Hi Mark’ uses and the random chuckles; if you don’t know what I’m talking about read up and watch The Room!!

After the film finished we decided to go get some food, and Veera suggested a place called the Soda Rock Diner. It was a 50s themed diner that served all American dishes and the staff went around on roller skates, it was fantastic! I absolutely love a theme. I ordered a cherry coke with a cheeseburger; much like what they had in Grease (I’m full of film references today!!), Gustav had a loaded hotdog and Veera got a Banana Split, but remembered halfway through that she’s lactose intolerant so Gustav and I ‘had’ to help her finish it.


The food was basic but good, the experience of the diner made it all worthwhile; we were entertained by the staff on numerous occasions where they’d dance around the restaurant to various rock n roll hits. It was great!

The weather had finally cooled down, so we bought some American sweeties and headed back to St Kilda. As we walked home, we were approached by a lovely homeless man who decided to call us c*nts because we wanted to cross the road – so it was a great end to the day!!


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