Another Day, Another Christmas Party

I love the festive period! Everyday you are surrounding by great company, spirits are high and there is ALWAYS delicious food on offer.

The celebration in this blog’s entry was a house party in Melbourne’s CBD. Who was the host you say? This gets complicated so get ready; I met Lea from my trip to Uluru, we became friends, through her I met Gustav, Gustav and I then became friends, Gustav is a budding entrepreneur so he went to a Meetup in Melbourne to make friends, this is where he met Etienne, I met Etienne on st Kilda beach and it turned out he was having a Christmas shingdig, so we were invited. Woah, that was complicated!

90% of the attendees were French but the other 10% spoke good English (we had people from Denmark, Finland and Australia) so we stuck together.

The night began with food, which is a great way to start anything! Each guest was asked to prepare a dish that represented your home country. I bloody love stuff like this and everyone participated which was even better! Here’s the table of goodies:

There was a lot on offer so I’ll try and give you some examples:

Australia – slow cooked ham with a honey glaze and pavlova.

France – croissants with cheese and ham, spicy potato cakes and a strange lollipop that consisted of a cherry tomato, dipped in caramel and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Scotland – smoked salmon on beignets with lemon and shortbread.

There was so much more but it was eaten so quickly! Safe to say though it was bloody delicious!!

We then moved on to the secret santa prize giving. It was so nice, we all gathered around and etienne got each person to say why they’d bought the gift. Even though hardly any of us knew each other, it brought us all together.

We then took a group photo before things got messy:

After that, the night was spent drinking, dancing and speaking very bad, basic French!!

I love meeting new people and having experiences like this.

Joyeux Noel!


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