An Unforgettable Road Trip

So it was that weird period of time again; Christmas was over and you’re just waiting around for New Year. What’s the best thing to do? Go on a road trip of course!
My trusty friend Gustav got us invited on a trip along the Great Ocean Road, kindly provided Veera a lovely Finnish girl (who was at Etienne’s party too) and her host dad Peter. Veera is a nanny for Peter and his family, his wife and kids didn’t come as they thought it would be too much hassle.

Day One

Gustav and I got picked up at Sunshine station and we headed on our way. We chatted and all got on straight away, I could tell the next few days would be great.

Our first stop was Bells Beach, it was so warm and the sun was out. Such a perfect start!

We then went to the famous Great Ocean Road sign and fought through the tourists to get a good pic:

We then cruised down the windy road, taking in the magnificent sights and stopped whenever we wanted to get a photo. It was so relaxed!

Next stop was at the Kafe Koala, where Tash, Ben and I had discovered you could feed parrots. Veera loves animals so I made sure we went there. However, news must have gotten out as there were tons of tourists and only three birds. Bloody humans ruining everything!! Nevertheless we named our three pals (Ken, Polly and Josh, I think!) and even got to spot a koala:

Lunchtime came around and this is when we discovered that Peter was a bit of a coffee buff. He was also very into social media, digital marketing and start ups – so I got on Great with him! He recommended a place to eat in Apollo Bay and it was fantastic. It was a cafe formed from an old shed, in an industrial estate in the hills of Apollo Bay.

There was not a tourist in sight. I loved it! They roasted their own coffee there so Peter got us all to try some, and it was lovely! I had a BBQ pork roll with pickled veg, and I didn’t get a picture as it was devoured in seconds, but it was so tasty! It was a great, quaint, authentic lunch spot.

After that, we went back on the road and stopped in Cape Otway to spot some more wild koalas:

After that we refuelled on some sugary snacks in a cute, old fashioned petrol station and even got a silly photo:

Then it was time for the big event; The twelve apostles! The weather started to not agree with us but there’s nothing a good filter cannot fix:

It was gorgeous to see again, and it wasn’t freezing!!! However the flies were out of control.

Next up was the loch and gorge, and the first thing we did when we got there was cave exploring! It was so fun and we even captured a ghost on Veeras camera (I don’t have the image, sorry!) but we did use that knowledge to scare other cave explorers!

We then left the cave and explored the beach more, it was one of my favourite places along the GOR. The three of us even decided to form a band called Gus and the Girls, and had a perfect pose for our debut album:

The final tourist spot for the day was the London Bridge:

We sang the mandatory song and headed to Peter’s sisters house in Warrnambool, where we were staying that night.

For dinner, we got some burgers and ate them on top of a hill in the park in Warrnambool, it was lovely! As we ate, we spotted a funfair and decided we had to go! We played only a few games and went on a couple of rides because it was $7 a pop! Nevertheless, we enjoyed the atmosphere!

Then it was hometime, we set up in the man cave at the house and watched the cult classic ‘The Room’. It was hilariously bad and left us saying ‘oh hi mark’ for the rest of the trip.

Day Two

It was a grey day so the beach was off the cards, we started the day with lunch in Warrnambool. I had a sticky pork salad and it was delish:

We then drove to Port Fairy, where we wandered around the fishing town, browsed in the old shops, took in some live jazz and ate passion fruit ice cream:


We then headed to a winery, the only one on the Great ocean Road to sneak in a tasting. Peter even bought us a bottle to enjoy over dinner:

Dinner that night was a range of treats; Subway, Thai and woodfired pizza. It was lovely and we ate it in Warrnambool park once again.

We had one quick stop before heading home, and that was to watch the sunset at Logan’s Point:

It was gorgeous!

Back at the house we stocked up on snacks and watched two horror films; Creep and 100 Bloody acres. We love a strange film!

Day 3

This was our last day on the trip, and we started it in a great way! Peter took us to his relatives’ dairy farm, where we got to meet many generations of the family and the dog. It was so nice being back on a farm and all three of us were reminded how great life is living in a rural area.

We said our goodbyes and then had a fancy brekkie in a local bakery. I had my usual smashed avo on toast with a poached egg and goats cheese. It was so so so good! The bread was so damn fresh it just melted in your mouth and the goats cheese was so fresh too, it was so creamy and not too strong in flavour. Gustav got eggs benedict, which I had to take a picture of too:

Peter then drove us into the rain forest, but before we went into it – there was a brewery calling our name! It was called the Prickly Moses and most of its funds went to save the local wildlife. It was a gorgeous Brewery so we each got a tasting paddle and took in the views:

Then it was time for the rain forest! We drove through the windy steep roads and took in the nature, all while Phil Collins played in the background. It was so nice.

Peter then took us to a secret camping spot called Dandos, and my god it was perfect. It was nestled at the bottom of the rainforest, hardly any people were there, you were surrounded by trees and it had the best creek:

We loved it so much that we want to go back and camp there, so watch this space!

That was our final stop before heading home and it was the perfect ending to a great trip. We spent the journey back home singing along to random tunes and fighting the urge to nap.

The heavens decided to open up when we were heading home, so peter invited us over for a hand made coffee and a chance to meet his family. The coffee was great and the family were amazing. They had all travelled themselves so we all got on so well.

Those three days were amazing, and although I had done the great ocean road before; going with a local Aussie gave me a whole new perspective!


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  1. Marian says:

    Loved this story. Great man is Pete, my nephew. You lucky people to have him as a local to show you around. Wishing you a safe trip onward.


    1. I’m so grateful!! He’s such a great guy!


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