Serenity Tours is Open for Business

A project that my boss’ girlfriend Cherie had been putting her life and soul into, had finally become reality! Cherie had asked me to help her with the marketing side and I jumped at the chance. The company is called Serenity Tours, and it offers hiking experiences, as well as wine tasting around the Yarra Valley. Who could say no to that?!

Our first tour was a Christmas party for a graphic design company. The morning was stressful as myself and the uber got lost, and the van we hired was hard to drive. However, as we pulled up to get the group all the stress went out the window! Here they are ready to get their drink on!

The first stop was Oakridge Wines; the group got right into the tasting while Cherie and I took in the gorgeous surroundings:


The second stop was at Innocent Bystander, a converted brewery turned winery. They served all their wines in beakers, which was a nice little twist:

The third stop was Tokar Estate Winery and my god is was gorgeous! Cherie and I started to plan our weddings it was that beautiful!

We left the group at this location to indulge in a two course meal. Cherie and I then went to a bakery in town to get lunch too. I had a salami, aioli, spinach and cheese toastie. We also ‘had’ to share a donut, it would be rude not to!

Once lunch was finished, we decided to scout new wineries for our next tours. We stopped at The Riverstone Estate and fell even more in love with these surroundings; so much so that the wedding planning continued.

We made friends with Sheila, the owner, and even snuck in a mini tasting!

We then headed back to collect our group and drove to our final stop; Dominique Portet Wines. The group, very merry by this point, had their final tasting; while we had a private tour of the winery, by a very dishy Frenchman. Life is so hard!

After the tasting was complete, we started a game of Bocce (kind of like lawn bowls) and the group had a blast!!

Then it was home time! We had the tunes blasting all the way back and the whole bus was singing.

It was a fantastic first tour!!

Cherie and I were absolutely shattered, but that didn’t stop us having a celebratory wine and a curry!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cherie Ryan says:

    What an awesome first tour it was, couldn’t have done it without you Lucy, or at least I wouldn’t have had as much fun … let’s get another one on the road 😀


    1. Awww thank you cherie! Thank you for letting me be part of your passion!! 100%! Can’t wait for 2018


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