Goodbye to the Swiss 

The time had come around again, friends you make whilst travelling leave. This time it was my lovely Swiss ladies Lea and Michelle.

The girls were originally meant to leave Oz and fly to Bali but the erupting volcano had other plans… so they ended up staying in Melbourne for an extra week and we made full use of that extra time!

I can’t remember the days but I do remember the order of events.

Night one – Lea and I went for dinner in a Mexican called Hecho en Mexico along Chapel Street. We started the evening with sangrias (as every night should start!) and eventually got to ordering food. I ordered a fish burrito and lea had veggie tacos:

It was a delicious meal and set us up for the night! We then met Filip and Gustav at the three monkeys and continued to drink.

Night two – I was invited over to Lea and Michelle’s new pad. A compact apartment in the city. I absolutely loved it!!

We had a chilled night; we drank wine, caught up and munched on a very tasty caprese salad made my lea:

Night three – we decided to go out for dinner this time, and Tokyo Maki was our choice. I swear wherever lea takes me I am so indecisive over what to order as everything looks so bloody good!! I settled for salmon maki and a seafood bento box (so I could try a whole range of things) and my god it was great!! Lea got a veggie bento box. Michelle did the same as me and got a sushi platter and a savoury pancake dish:

Our new friend Naing joined us during the meal and he helped Michelle finish her meal. The four of us then went back to the apartment, drank more wine and stayed up very late chatting.

Night four – this was Michelle’s last night so we all gathered again for a chill evening. Dinner tonight was curried vegetables on coconut rice:

It was sad to say goodbye but I had a feeling we’ll cross paths in the future.

Night five – this was Lea’s last day in Australia so I helped her end it in style! My work were having rooftop drinks so I invited her along:

Fair to say I got her pretty drunk, which was great as she also doesn’t like flying. I escorted her to the tram and watched her leave. It was sad to see my friend go but with the beauty of technology, I’d definitely see her again.

I ended that night going out for dinner in Chinatown with new friends from work, and we got Korean Fried Chicken (the OG KFC).

It was so damn good!! And I even got a doggy bag to take home so I could enjoy it the next day too.

This week has been filled with great company, great food and great memories!!


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