Brunch by the Beach

The lovely Gordon’s who hosted me for over 10 days, called in a favour and asked if I could babysit the boys. I jumped at the chance as I hadn’t seen them in a couple of months, and having a sober Saturday would be a refreshing change. 

I came over to their place, treats in hand and looked after the boys. It was such a chill night, we just watched movies and chatted. They’d been tired out from the day’s activities so my job was so easy! I then put the boys to bed and caught up with Lee and sheree when they got home. It was so nice! They offered to take me out for brunch the next day to say thank you, and of course I couldn’t say no to that!!

The family drove down to st Kilda the next day and we went to beachcombers for some yummy brunch. 

I got my usual, smashed avo on toast:

And I had to take a pic of cameron with his meal; Nutella waffles with candy floss:

It was a delicious meal!! And it was so nice to see them all again, here we all are in the sun, on the beach in DECEMBER:

We then parted ways and wished each other a merry Christmas. 

It’s so nice to have family whilst you travel!! 


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