A New Office Space 

I’ve been in Melbourne for three months now and my work was based in your typical office, on bourke street. I worked with a handful of older males from different companies. There wasn’t much space for my boss and I to be innovative so we knew we had to move.

And that’s exactly what we did! Last week we packed up and left the bland, grey office and set up shop in the WeWork building. WeWork is a company that buys office space and turns it into a cool, modern place to work. Their main aim is to create a community so there’s so many places to collaborate.

Our office is a cute wee three person space, that is surrounded by glass so we have our privacy but also get to be seen by others:

When we arrived on opening day, there was a cute package and welcome note on our desk. I loved the attention to detail and free stuff always goes down well in my book!

The office has so many perks to it and as a backpacker/student I lapped it all up!

On Mondays they offer free breakfast, which they called TGIM (thank god it’s Monday) which is a great twist and eases you into the week:

They have craft beer on tap 24/7 which I have taken full use of; especially knowing something like this would NEVER happen in Scotland.

They’ve invested a lot into their coffee, as Melbourne are very particular on their blend.

And they have Kombucha on tap!! Honestly it’s the little things.

WeWork also put on many events, so members can network, connect and learn. The first event we attended was the grand opening of the offices; we were treated to champagne and another great breakfast buffet – all on the gorgeous rooftop area.

The Minister of Innovation for Melbourne said a speech on how important this area is for the start up culture and the economy of Melbourne. He then proceeded to cut the ribbon to officially open the space, but before it was cut he asked if members wanted to come up and help. Myself and Grant (my boss) ran straight up, because we love a bit of fame!

After all that excitement we wandered back to work, but with extremely high spirits.

Another event we attended was learning about artificial intelligence, in particular chatbots. We networked, drank free beer and learned how this new technology can help the user experience:


The events kept on coming! Recently, my office held a launch party, where each level had a different activity and cuisine, for example; there was an augmented reality floor that served sushi and a wine tasting level that served a range of dumplings. I invited Lea and Gustav and we ensured that we would sample every free thing on offer.

We spent the rest of the night dancing on the rooftop and drinking waaay too much. It was awesome.

It’s honestly a breath of fresh air to work in such a cool environment. Everyone is eager to network, no one is stressed and life is great.

I’m so happy to be situated in WeWork and I’m excited to grow our business (whilst enjoying all the freebies on offer).


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