Halloween 2017

‘For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller. Hahahahahaha.’

It’s my favourite time of year again, Halloween!!! 

This was my second year celebrating in Oz, so I had gotten used to the very warm weather. That didn’t stop me feeling all spooky though, as I carved my pumpkin, watched horror films and clicked on everything Halloween themed on YouTube. 

The 31st had finally come and it was time to celebrate! Last year I was in Sydney and went on a party boat around the harbour, so it was a pretty tough one to beat. 

I decided to be a skeleton again this year as I was broke, it’s a shock I know! But I upped my makeup game:

Lea (our fantastic friend and tour guide and events manager) gathered the troops together. We all met at Luna Park to decide where to go. It was a great meeting point as the news stations were filming a spot to celebrate Halloween too:

Unfortunately they only wanted kids to appear with the presenter. Gutted. 

We decided to go to the event called ‘Spooktober’ which was on the ground of st Kilda town hall. 

It was so cool, they had designed a path where you’d walk past stalls selling spooky products or scary games (all completely overpriced) and you could collect free sweets too. There was even a pumpkin patch! Which Esteban and myself were so excited about:

Filip then stated he was hungry and we couldn’t let a German starve so we went to the food truck area. I was drawn to a Korean food truck (forgot the name though!) as it sold my favourite; a fried chicken burger. I didn’t have high expectations as it was $10 and from a truck, but oh my goodness, it was delicious!!! The chicken was cooked to order, the bun was soft and all the veggies were so fresh:

After our amazing meal, we wandered around the grounds again – not purchasing anything but getting all the free sweets on offer #backpackerlife

We’d finally seen everything offered at the event but there was one little thing left to do; go to a haunted house. Spooktober offered three scary experiences; trick or treat manor (for kids), blood manor (gory experience) and the doll factory which was the creepiest and most extreme, so obviously we chose that one. Lea and myself weren’t so pleased but tried to hide our fear. 

Our tickets were valid till 8.30pm so we went to a local pub to pass the time. We arrived back at spooktober to see a MASSIVE queue ahead of us and we were worried. 

However we joined the queue and made the most of the waiting time; we ate sweets and played heads up. We had waited for over two hours and our good spirits were running low. The whole crowd was agrivated and unhappy. However, a little glimmer of hope appeared, a box was sitting on the wall next to the crowd. As we approached it, a little boy was fiddling with it and it was making noise but he got bored and left it. I sensed an opportunity for free stuff so I ripped that box open and revealed Halloween themed plastic cups that lit up (and the event were charging $30 for them) so I immediately grabbed one for myself and then started spreading them into the crowd. I was like a spooky santa! 

That little perk gave us enough positive vibes to finally get to the front of the queue. As we entered the old, spooky building we heard screams and I immediately panicked. 

This is what we were greeted with before we entered the house:

Not going to lie, I was shitting myself. 

We finally entered the maze and it was terrifying! There were dolls everywhere, creepy actors dressed up, people jumping out ALL THE TIME and strange rooms you had to manoeuvre through. The guys and lea were having a great time, meanwhile I was in hell. I walked around the whole house with my fingers in my ears cowering from the scary people, which didn’t work out well for me as the actors then picked on me more! 

We ran out and finally finished the experience, I was sweaty, shaky, terrified and laughing so much. It was brilliant!! 

Definitely an amazing Halloween once again, Australia you have got it down!! 


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