Exploring the Grampians

I’d officially settled in Melbourne and managed to get used to the ‘four seasons in one day’.

However, this weekend the weather was to be over 30 degrees and pure sun. So newly formed group of friends (Swiss, danish, German and columbian) and I, booked a van, and drove out of the busy city to the peaceful countryside.

Saturday was the day of the Grampians; it was a four hour drive each way but it was worth it! We passed so many wee country towns, including ballarat where I was originally meant to do my farm work, and lots of wineries but we ‘didn’t have time’ to visit them. I just think the drivers didn’t want to miss out on the tastings…

We arrived in the Grampians at lunchtime and it was gorgeous. So the Grampians are a set of mountains that you drive up, and there’s a cute wee town at the bottom.

Our first stop was the viewing point called Halls gap. We posed for a few insta worthy shots, which included terrifying Lea as she hated us sitting on unstable cliffs.

We then had a spot of lunch, and the Columbians went all out; a whole sandwich station was set up:

After lunch, we went to a few other viewing points around the mountains. I can’t remember their names but we did get cool go pro shots:

Time was against us, so we swiftly drove to our final destination; Mackenzie Falls. It was so cool to see, we arrived and were at the very top so could see everything. We then decided to get a better look and walk down the VERY steep stairs. The falls were gorgeous:

We chilled by the water and took in the natural views, then it was time to go. The walk back up was horrendous, it was all stairs and so bloody steep. So I did my usual Lucy move and went super fast, leaving the group so I could catch my breath in peace.

We all piled back in the car and headed back to Melbourne. We were nearly stranded in a random town but the van started working again, thank god!

Before we knew it, it was Sunday! The group assembled once more and we headed to Cape Schanck (or snack as I pronounced it). The drive wasn’t as far so we were ready for a great day.

First viewpoint on the agenda was the lighthouse:

Then we went to pebble beach for some snacks and an adventure along the rock pools:

We then headed back to the car and drove to a few sandy beaches in Sorrento. The first wasn’t much (after living in Oz for over a year, you can be a beach snob) so just tanned and ate some lunch:

The second beach was waaay better, we explored more rock pools and played in the sea:

It was that time once again, we had to head home. Our group, a bit more sandy than before, piled back in.

The journey home was chilled; filled with naps, snacks and strange music from everyone’s countries.

I got home and passed out straight away. It was an amazing weekend and will definitely be one for the memories!


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